Raging Demon on Fightpad



What is the best way to do a Raging Demon on the fightpad? I am having trouble performing this.


instead of doing LP>LP> TOWARDS >LK>HP, do LP>LP>TOWARDS> LK>All 3 punches. Also muscle memory, go to training and just keep doing it.




For a kara demon you go with f.LP+KKK, f.LP+KKK, df.LK+PPP


Remember you can press the last 3 inputs all at once. So, lp>lp>f+lk+hp. Or lp>lp>f+lk+triple punch if its easier to do for you.

Doing kara demon with his f+mk is near impossible on pad without doing some sort of sideways thumb position to hit mk+lp at once lol.

But you can do his f+mp kara demon on pad consistently. Do f+mp+lp>mp+lp>f+lp+triple punch. Do it quick enough and it’ll activate before the the f+mp can hit at point blank range.

Hope that helps.