Raging demon set ups

i know about alot of demon setups, i was just wonderin what other people know, and the setups they got.

Dash-kara is good, but getting old.

f, f, (lp, lp during dash), f+mp (lk, hp during f+mp)

Anti Air demon (loads of things)

dash demon

dash kara demon

cr short- kara demon

uoh or kara uoh - kara demon

cr short cr short - dash demon

cr short cr jab cr short - dash kara demon

throw (whif) - demon

stand rh xx demon

any thing to lk hurri - hp reset - lk hurri - demon
(lots of ways to go into that)

dive kicks or out of demon flip dive kick - dash /dash kara demon

if theyt roll after throw -dash kara demon

cr mk - lk hurri -stand jab -dash kara demon

I know more but these are Just a few I use thinking off the top of my head.

Yoo Young I hear yer Akuma is pretty good too and you like using AA demons alot :wink: I know Stacy she told me:).

These are nice and all, but if I were to start learning Akuma, this whole post would not make any sense to me because most of it assumes that I know a lot about setting up the “Instant Hell.”

Not that I’m complaining about it, but these forums are meant to help turn people that don’t know into people that do know, and cryptic posts like this don’t help matters for the newbies.

yo rei, if you dont get something, just ask, im sure me or somebody will answer you ? for ya.

sr wilson3s, wdup yo, ive seen some footage of you and im impressed by your akuma skills.

but heres a real ez setup for a demon. jump and cross the other guy up, but dont hit em and then bust the demon when you hit the ground. its real simple but it works alot. or do a hurricane kick and then buffer it in and finish it rite when you hit the ground. there real simple and you think they wouldnt work but they do.



I tend to go for more guranteed setups myself :wink: but actually that jump over strat i actually land and kara demon sometimes just to make sure, but thats just show off since nornal one will get em anyway, but ill be honest i don’t use that set up so much.
Fuck I just kara demon out of everything i can even teleports for a laugh:lol:.
I will admit though alot of demons i do often come from various hurris after lots of stuff sometimes for example after a demon flip slide we lk hurri or mk depending on things then land and demon or kara demon depending on screen distance and whether they tech roll or not and some cases the character.

Man Akuma is KING of mixups!

PS - Out of Curiousity Simon where did you see me play?

i dont think any demon is guarantee unless you buffer it during a parry or wit an anit air. i definately like the wake up, parry then the demon pops out, counts as a counter too. its real tite and looks flashy as hell but the guy has to swing high while at the rite time, but its soooooooooooooooo pretty.

yo wilson, i think i saw some footage of you on cornertrap or sumthin i think, cant really remember.



Yeah its cool to parry a super and then demon it I don’t really think of parrying the super or blocking them IE ken sa3 and then demoning as a real set up I just think of those situations as more of landing a free demon where i think of the set ups as the kinda things i said above where your actually getting them into a position for the demon.

Is this correct?

1)lp,lp, towards (parry), lk,hp= parry the hit and demon afterwards?

I ask this cos i think u can’t take advantage of the parry motion(high or low) to buffer a special. For example, i think u cant parry a jump in, then dwn, dwn+towards, punch to do a shoryuken. U have to do: twd (parry), twd,dwn,dwn+twd,punch to do a shoryuken after the parry.

2)parry,lp,lp,twd,lk,hp=parry and demon immediately.

I think that when u hit a button just after a parry, the parry animation is interrupted and the move comes out. So that would only be possible if u do the whole RD motion before the jab hits ur opponent, and this sounds unhuman.

I just parry then do the demon command instantly!:evil:

i dont know about parrying and then busting the whole demon after the parry. but the way i do it is lp lp toward (parry) and lk hp. it works, ive done it before and i got it on tape. but you have to do the lk hp fast as hell, almost hitting them at the same time


Seriously I use do parry then instantly after the Forward for the parry I do the demon command immediatly and it works fine for me all the time, I guess it just depends on yer execution speed and whats the most comfortable method to you:).

so you can parry…then hit lp lp towards lk and hp. without a single punch or kick coming out??? i think thats a lil too fast even for the best akuma players. theres no way you can parry, and then hit lp lp towards and lk without some kind of punch or kick coming out. theres nothing to cancel the animation.

that is something im gonna have to see to believe.


Id have thought thats what everyone does - starts the demon command quickly during the final parry of whatever they are parrying as soon as you tap forward for the parry quickly do the RD command, Ill be Honest ive never known anyone do it your method before maybe your method is the easiest and im doing it the hard way but ive become used to it its no prob for me. hmmmm interesting though :slight_smile: ah well each to his own.
PS -If you ever come to England or I ever come to NE Id personally show you :smiley: .

strong, strong, low strong, low strong XX raging demon combos

only on crouching alex though

and you cant mash the strong button.

Let me be the first to say :eek: (If it works :wink: )
Not too usable, but very cool indeed.

I had a chance to think about it and I believe you’re on crack. Now way can he link four strongs?

One of the best set ups I use is . c.Roundhouse XX Shun Goku Satsu.
It’s almost sure you’ll grab your opp. But, the roudnhouse MUST to be blocked.
If you block a shoto sweep, you’ll probably counterattack after you block right? Akuma can cancel any normal at any point with Shun Goku Satsu. So, you do a c.Roundhouse, you opp block it and then try to hit you, you cancel the sweep and grab him :slight_smile:
The best thing is you can go throug almost any attacks, even Supers. I’ve grabed Necro out his Electric Snake and Electric Storm, Ken with Shippu, Ryu performing his shinkuu and denjin hadouken…etc… don’t know if this works against Alex’s Hyper Bomb or Hugo’s Gigas

I’m just posting to confirm that parry XX raging demon is possible with zero animation. Easiest way to do it is parry Ken’s hurricane kick, input as fast as possible as soon as the blue flash happens for the last hit.

I find it really easy to do now, IF I know exactly when the parry is going to happen so I can use all of those frames to get the input done.

Hey am new to 3S, and aku is my character.
Am finding this thread extremely helpful. I never got into the whole kara throw thing cause i only played this game on Dreamcast and for me to kara throw on the controller (the way my buttons are set up) is rare.
I never thought this demon flip thing was any good.(oh shit am in the wrong thread… oh well), but reading up on it makes me think like wise.

Parrying into demon is something I’ve never tried in 3S.
I know that in CVS2 that is imposible because the parry frame is like a frame long, but i can totally see it happening in 3S.

The only demon setup i use is on opponent get up i dash into demon, and the second time ill dash into his “Palm super” (3down punch thing).
I am a totall newbie to this game and i want to get far better at it. I truly appreciate you guys posting these tactics for people like myself to learn from.

Oh ya, where are you guys from?
am from Edmonton, Canada.