Raging demon (shun goku satsu)

i read a list made by srwilson on some basic ways into the raging demon…but i cant find the list.So if anyone knows some of the basic ones and can post them,id be greatfull

if opponent jumps in, dash forward [cross under] or dash backwards and do the raging demon.

some basic moves i used to do:

if someone likes to relatiate your blocked sweep with a sweep then let him block your sweep then cancel into raging demon.

wiff dive kick and once you land do a raging demon.

medium hurricane and once you land on the other side do a raging de…

dash then raging de…

I have a theory…

throw the fireball that is done by hcb+high p (I forgot the name) against a player that techs moves a lot…then while this is happening, execute the rage!

that would only work on someone who is brain dead.

why’s that?


Because you can see it coming???

If you have your opponent backed into his corner and do HP Shakunetsu Hadouken xx SGS (from say, sweep distance), then i would say that it’s a relatively ok thing to do. But if you’re like, chucking that fireball half (or worse), full screen away and expect the guy to get drawn into eating SGS, then yeah, as was mentioned, only the mentally challenged would fall for it.

Has anyone parry’d the raging with a throw?? I haven’t seen it but its theoretically possible right?

No, you can’t parry the Rage with a throw.

and to kal el…I only said to fire the Shankunetsu against someone who techs fireballs a lot, where the hell do you come off saying that half screen-full sreen crap? I just make it simple…read my previous post again.

regardless if a player likes to tech alot, if he’s anything short of an idiot, he would block the fireball and then proceed to jump out after block stun. if he’s anything short of an idiot.

…how well do you guys know this game?

“weller” than you. :smiley:

Raging cajun is teh bestest antiair evar!!

then teach me something better, or I’ll go play a better fighting game…

there is no better fighting game. :smiley:

in order to efficiently use SGS, the most common way is to do kara-demon, which is jab jab, forward + strong, short, fierce. in order to use SGS at all, you must learn to buffer it. such as with a dash, dive kick, or demon flip dive kick variant.

to play akuma better, you have to know play the game itself better. buffering is a game tactic, not a character tactic. watch lots of videos of top players, and study their style, then learn why those styles are good or not good.

you’re right, at the moment there isn’t a better fighting game:D

thanks for the info exodus, now I’m gonna learn how to play with Makoto in the other thread, care to join me?

Ive said it before and ill say it again cr short ->Kara demon is the best set up ever! lol.

If you do the demon while someone’s parrying the red fireball, they can just hold back and block the rest of the fireball, and then jump. Parrying doesn’t make you any more vunerable than just standing there.

didn’t i already say that :X

the coolest demon situation though, is to demon after parrying part of an aegis reflector, catching urien as he tries to high/low you in aegis. :cool: :lol: :smiley: :evil:

Whoops, I thought you meant blocking the red fireball from the start instead of parrying part of it. :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah. The demon is practically another Gigas Breaker. With less range. Well, you can potentially grab people from further away, but the guaranteed range is less than Gigas, I think.