Raging Demon Usage and Timing

I’ve been reading a lot and most players say to only do RD for the win…why? Is it because of the risk of missing it during the beginning of a match and going the rest of the round w/out meter?? Not bragging in any way, but in the past few weeks i’ve been doing demons whenever i feel they have a good chance of connecting (even if they’re not for the win). I’m not sure to the reasons why not to do a demon whenever you’re able to.

thoughts, anyone?

Do it whenever you feel like it. People who say dont use it, or that its risky etc etc - they’re all haters :wink:

I can’t really give you text book answers on when you can and cannot do it. It really just depends on your play style.

For example, many a time during ranking battles and tournaments, I will throw out a raging demon to win a round but not necessarily the match. Primarily because people don’t expect you to throw away your two bars, so they aren’t looking out for your setups.

The following round they will think that you have no meter and are therefore screwed. But bear in mind that Akuma has enough tools to keep playing even without meter. This works very well as a counter strategy when people try and rush you thinking that you can’t do anything cos of no bar.

Some characters however I would really prefer to have at least one stock against if they have enough energy to outlast a BnB combo.

Like I said though, its all about your own style and how you feel comfortable.

Actually, I think I might make a thread dedicated to using Akuma without super bar, or should I say playing him just to get the raging demon ready :devil:

Go for it!

Something you should notice once you have the 2 bars is if your opponent starts playing more defensively. It might not be worth risking a demon if you can really rushdown a defensive player. Unfortunately almost everyone I play don’t realize I had 2 bars until the screen goes black so I never use this tactic

sounds good. recently i’ve been pulling off wakeup demons and crossup demons…oh how i love them…:lovin: thanks for your input guys

haha wakeups and crossups are like, the only ones i can do. cant even dash :confused:

People are dumbasses. The people that say don’t use it or say it’s too risky don’t know the real setups and whatnot for the RD.

You can do karas on your opponents wakeup and they can’t do shit.
You can do a dash in RD and if it’s close enough, it’s exactly like the kara.
You can do a wake up RD. If your opponent is close enough, it will connect and take priority.
You can also do other random setups into RD… something like the d.mk, lk hurricane, hp, demon flip then fake and kara demon in his/her mouth.

Whatever works. You should use it sparingly and preferrably use it when you think it’s guaranteed, but it’s bullshit to only use it at the end of a round or something.

:rofl: :sweat: I thought I was the only super turbo rape fucker here :nunchuck:

But yes, co-sign on that post. Don’t always assume that your opponent knows your demon setups.