RAGING STORM 2009 Phoenix Results, Shoutouts, and Vids thread!

1st- Dark Geese: Kula-Gato-Duo Lon (L) (Never Lost)
2nd- THE ANSWER: Oswald- Kula-Gato(L)-King-Malin (Lost to Dark Geese, Dark Geese)
3rd: Aaron (AZ): Kasumi-Shen-Gato (L)
4th: Webster: Eiji-Mr.Big-K
5th: Saikyo-??

Decided- Dark Geese LOL.

1st- Dark Geese: Eiji-EX Geese-Krauser (Never Lost)
2nd- THE ANSWER: EX Geese-Chris-Iori-Orochi Yashiro (Lost to Raven Tactic, Dark Geese)
3rd- Raven Tactic - O.Yashiro-??? (Lost to Dark Geese, THE ANSWER)
4th: Aaron(Tucson, Arizona): Shermie-Kyo-Rugal
5th: Darth Dez: King-Kyo-??
5th- Webster: Eiji, Andy, Joe

Garou MOTW: (34 entrants)
1st: Nocturnal: Kain (Never Lost)
2nd: Giby- Grant/Kevin (Lost to Nocturnal, Nocturnal)
3rd: Buktooth: Dong Hwan
5th: Justin Wong- B. Jenet
5th: RickDawg: Terry
7th: Burning: ??

KOFXII Randomly generated tournament that I didnt get to play in lol:
2nd: Fubarduck-?

KOFXI FT3 Rematch between Dark Geese and THE ANSWER:

-Dark Geese wins 3-0.

All videos from RAGING STORM Phoenix 2009 SNK Major:

Garou MOTW:
Garou MOTW Winners Semis:

Drum roll please…

Nocturnal vs. Justin Wong!!! (EVO World SNK 2007 Rematch!!!)



KOFXI Winners Finals:

The Answer vs. Dark Geese:


All the rest of the videos:


No sound for Garou match :frowning:

And best of 5 rounds? Why is it set up like that out of curiosity?

Great pressure play from Nocturnal’s Kain. I want to see more of that.

dark geese, they just dont know about terry jump fierce lol.

DG just want to say thanks from all of the Tucson crew for hosting these SNK events. We really enjoy the KoF games and hope that by the next time we play, we’ve leveled up to you guys and are able to make it to finals. It was mad fun and can’t wait to do it again (b’-’)b

PS: Does anyone have Oscar’s handle or aim or something? Just in case we head out to cali for some KoF :smiley:

Yeah no sound for that one but when I put up the matches for today they will have sound.

Whats up RickDawg man, nice meeting you hahaha, you are right they cant handle Terrys jumping fierce hahaha.

No prob man I dont mind, this is what I do! Oscar’s name on here is THE ANSWER, thats him.

Uploading more matches very soon, on the plane in the morning, and more updates:

  1. I bought a Arcade in the Box stick and put it up for the randomly generated KOFXII tournament, which Oscar won.

I practically kept all my bonus pots except for Garou MOTW, which I didnt enter and wanted to give out anyways!

Check the first post for results coming up!


you on a stick???

KOF XII results please!!

And J Wong didn’t enter 98UM? I guess he must have been really busy with other Capcom games at Devastation.

I had a 20 game win streak on KOFXII ON A STICK when I was playing it.

No, but he did at MWC hahaha but he specifically told me in his interview he was not gonna enter 98UM LOL.

KOFXII results I have like the whole tourney recorded via my cam, (Thanks to Giby and Noc) but all I know is Oscar won, Fubarduck got 2nd.

Check first post for more results!


Good shit with the snk games DG.

Lol i swear man KOFXII teaches players to use stick. Freaken I had tons of trouble with stick till i played XII at Arcade Infinity and now I’m rocking stick lol.

34 entries for Garou? Good shit.

They were wise to want to release that on XBL before KOF

Kain is beatable I know… but stupid to play against if you don’t really know the game

-PROUD Representative of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico!!!

Damn my home =)

Aaron played (in XI) Kasumi, Gato, and I believe Shen (he may have swapped him out). In 98 he played Shermie, Rugal, and either Geese, Vice, or Yama. He also posts as Bagheart here.

DG: you really made Devastation a great event for SNK players, thank you so much. I am looking forward to seen you against the other cali players in 98um and 02um it should be a great show. You have earned my respect as a tournamet organizer and as a competitor.

BTW: KOF XII had well over 32 people registered but do to lack of time they narrowed down to 16 randomized participants.

I wanna know what was the entry count for all the tournaments by DG as well as Devastation in general, cause I think the Garou Tourney alone had a bigger entry than TvC though I’m not sure exactly. Basically I wanna compare the number of entries between the side and Main tournaments.

Just wanted to say thanks to Dark Geese for taking the time to record and run tournaments at Devastation. Also for buying the arcade stick from arcade in a box to donate for the winner of the KoFXII tournament. It was great meeting everyone at Devastation and hopefully I’ll see you all again at EVO.

I’m curious about this as well. Surely more than 7 people entered '98UM? Also, what’s the deal with 2002UM?

No one got ahold of those KOF XII vids at Raging Storm?