RAGING STORM El Paso 2010! 2-27-28, 2010 ELP, TEX: USA SNK National Quals!

RAGING STORM El Paso 2010: USA SNK National Quals!

Raging Storm El Paso 2010 is now Quals for the USA National Championship in Los Angeles, California at Raging Storm SoCal!

Location: El Paso, Texas
Date: February 26-28th, 2010
Venue: Elite Arena Address: 8855 Viscount Blvd Suite C
El Paso, Texas 79925
Raging Storm ELP Major Registration Fee: $15 Early Bird through 2-1-10, $20 at the door.
Near Hotels: TBA

If you are just playing Smash Bros. registration is $7 at the door.

Dark Geese- President of LDA Inc’s Gaming Division, Head Planner of Raging Storm El Paso 2010
Devildigimon- Head Tournament Organizer
Kane9999- Tournament Organizer

Pre regs are here:

Sponsored By: LDA Inc.

-$10 entry fee for all tournaments. Double Elimination style pay out is 70-20-10 for all tournaments except Smash. Smash is 60-30-10.

Update section-

UPDATE: $400 Guaranteed Bonus Pot for Smash!



To be updated!


  • exhibition & main event matches / 3pm
  • rb2 & mira & kof98:um / 3pm / $5 PER GAME
  • kof2k2:um / 7pm / $5
  • brawl+ / 4pm / $5
  • brawl crew battles / 7pm / $5 PER PLAYER


  • og kof2k2 / 1PM / $10
  • sf4 & tekken 6 / 2PM / $10 PER GAME
  • og kof98 / 5PM / $10
  • garou:motw & kofxii / 7pm / $10
  • kofxi / 9pm / $10
  • brawl doubles / 11am / $10 PER PLAYER
  • brawl singles pools / 3pm / $10
  • brawl singles brackets / 7pm / Players who make it out of brawl singles pools are eligible to participate in brawl singles brackets


  • exhibition & main event matches / 11am
  • Top 8 for all fighting games except smash / 1pm
  • melee doubles / 11am / $10 PER PLAYER
  • melee crews / 11am / $5 PER PLAYER
  • melee singles pools / 2pm / $10
  • melee singles brackets / 6pm / Players who make it out of melee singles pools are eligible to participate in melee singles brackets

Can’t wait for this, will try and get up with you later to go over all the info. Also I vote SamShoII for the Samurai Shodown game.

I’d love to attend this, but alas…

Good luck on running this tourney Dark Geese and I hope everything goes well so there can be even more along the way!

I seriously wish I could go. Hopefully by the next major, I’ll have a means of getting there if it isn’t in Cali.

Good luck man, SNK needs the love!



2. Fatty Mcfaterton

Tekken 6 BR:

  1. Piyavath
  2. Fatty Mcfaterton
  3. jra64
  4. Julius Abella


  1. Piyavath
  2. Fatty McFaterton

KOF 2002 UM:

  1. Fatty Mcfaterton
  2. Dark Geese
  3. Devildigimon


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  3. Devildigimon
  4. Fory
  5. RJ?
  6. Tone?

Garou MOTW:

  1. Omerta
  2. Nocturnal
  3. Giby?
  4. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  5. Possibly AceUno
  6. DevilDigimon


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Nocturnal
  3. Giby
  4. Reynald?

KOF OG 98:

  1. Omerta
  2. Alexis
  3. Joelle
  4. Hugo


  1. Devildigimon


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Devildigimon


  1. Dark Geese

KOF 2002 Neo Geo:

  1. Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  2. Hugo (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  3. Joelle (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  4. Esteban (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  5. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)

I think KOF XII should be your main goal, if there is a game that can give life to SNK in the US that’s the one.

This is a week after my anniversary, see if I can bring the wife along for a trip to Mexico while there. But you can go on and sign me up for all the SNK side games including whatever SamSho gets run and VF5.

John Blount
The Sazae
Pensacola, FL

to make it look a little better here are my games:

  • KOF MIRA (PS2)
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  • Garou Mark of The Wolves
  • World Heroes Perfect
  • SamSho
  • VF5

Take it away you can handle the pre reg Webs…go right ahead dawg!

It is my main goal…My sponsors understand the sheer power that game can give if it is in my possession…So we are doing everything we can to get it…if its gonna be available in April we’re getting it.

Excellent… Yeah peeps…the games that are on the NeoGeo will be on NG hardware with converters…see what Sazae is offering at FRXII…that same thing will be in effect at my Major…we want as close to arcade perfect as possible…


Add me to staff DG. I want this thing to be a success.

Gotcha…all my staff including myself is gonna be hella busy…NeoPenny if you somehow read this dude I want you on staff!!!


way too early, should have waited for 12

It will be a little tight seeing as this falls right in the middle of the “Season” for me to do work, but if I have enough, I’ll make it. This actually works out better for me really.

It should be just 2 days. Only tournaments that are guaranteed to have big numbers usually have 3 days. If you want an example of why you should go for 2 days, ECC (or whatever the East Coast tournament last year in May was called) ran for 2 days with some decent sized numbers, but some of the people running it concluded that it could have ran for a day.

I’m hoping to make this, just need to know how much money I have a couple months before this tournament.

Well for me better to have more than enough time than not enough at all…

We can always reflect after the fact to see whether we couldve done it in one or two days…

After all this is the first one…there has to be something to improve on each time…


Fuck if I only had one more wish left…

Date change sounds great, actually makes things a thousand times easier for me.

By then I may have an Atomiswave for maybe some Neowave and NGBC side giggles. And I still want to get a Hyper Neo Geo 64, may bite the bullet just to see people playing SamSho64 in extra time. I’ll plan on being there at least a day before and after it all for helping with hardware, setups, etc. so we can get all those casuals and extra games in DG. I havn’t ouched Neowave in over a year but if I get an Atomiswave then we will get down on that game, want you to show me it’s in’s and out’s.

Sure thing am up for that…this gives me time to secure the KOFXII arcade cab and make sure its at the venue…and yeah I can show you whatever you want in NW though 2002UM is gonna be the hottest at that time…

MrSNK- What would be that wish?? lol.

Let me know what I can do to help.

I’ll see what I can swing for coming down. It should give me enough time to schedule work and consulting accordingly I’m hoping that I’m back in Minnesota by then and that may help/hurt my chances of attending.

Sure thing…I am sure you know of other people as well and I am trying to contact bibliophile…could you help me get a hold of him? Think he would be interested in coming?

EDIT: KOFXII tournament will be free with paid registration…

Sup lukas. Could you post all of the rules for each game so people can start practicing right now! Also if you could list the days when the games with be played on that would help also! Make sure you get the venue asap because if people want to attend they will want to look up hotel prices around or at the tournament venue if its held at an hotel. This should be a great addition to the fighting game scene imo. Good luck and god speed sir. :tup:

PS- if you want to talk and pick my brain on some advice on AIM then hit me up so we can talk! :wink: