RAGING STORM El Paso 2010! 2-27-28, 2010 ELP, TEX: USA SNK National Quals!

Sure thing Larry…you are hard to catch on AIM however I will post up the rules now…

(Though for 2002UM we dont know yet TBD)

Yeah I’ll leave T5DR rules to you and JRA64…

hey guys, Ive finally registered here so let me know if you guys need any help or anything

Webster here:

Really excited for this tournament. D.G sometime this week, we need to talk so I can verbally get caught up with everything that’s been going on etc.

I still need to post rules sets for Tekken 6: BR. We haven’t received our kit here in Racine yet. So as soon as we do and I play test it, I’ll have rules ready!

Sure thing Webs, I’ll give you a call very soon as as early as mid to end Feb I’ll be getting some things…

seeing as how I live in el paso im def gonna have to attend this,.

Message boards are up for this event and Phenoix.


Excellent…well the dates are now August 14-16th.

Thank you…we can use this.

Also everyone do not confuse this thread with the other one…this is the ELP tournament thread…the other one is the Planning thread ONLY.

damn I really want to get into this, considering I live like 40 mins north of El Paso. If I can’t enter I would at least like to check out what this looks like, or even spectate if can :).

This won’t be happening until next year though. I am putting everything into nth PHX Major at the moment…

Now though many of you may not be interested, Lecter is holding a Juarez National in July in Juarez, Mexico…I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with that…

Just a heads up. I will keep you all posted however when the date for this tournament has been confirmed…


Just curious, how is the tournament scene in El Paso? Where do all the players in this area meet or whatever? I might be interested in fighting some good players, I mean I am mediocre at best at the games I play, but nobody I know really plays 2d fighting games at all.

I actually don’t know perse where the actual El Paso players meet, I am pulling my players mainly from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for this El Paso Major. Check the El Paso thread in the Southwest section post up I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you out.

Nice stuff!

Im from El Paso and live in AZ now. I need to go home and visit so Ill try and make it to this event.

dark geese if i go to el paso can you guarantee that i wont die from a drug cartel’s bullet


2. Fatty Mcfaterton

Tekken 6 BR:

  1. Piyavath
  2. Fatty Mcfaterton
  3. jra64
  4. Julius Abella


  1. Piyavath
  2. Fatty McFaterton

KOF 2002 UM:

  1. Fatty Mcfaterton
  2. Dark Geese
  3. Devildigimon


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  3. Devildigimon
  4. Fory
  5. RJ?
  6. Tone?

Garou MOTW:

  1. Omerta
  2. Nocturnal
  3. Giby?
  4. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  5. Possibly AceUno


  1. Dark Geese
  2. Nocturnal
  3. Giby
  4. Reynald?
    KOF OG 98:


  1. Dark Geese

KOF 2002 Neo Geo:

  1. Alexis (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  2. Hugo (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  3. Joelle (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  4. Esteban (CD. Juarez, MEX)
  5. Kane9999 (CD. Juarez, MEX)

Yeah I’m pacing myself by starting with the PHO tournament first then the TX Quals, so believe me that’s the focus first!!!

EDIT: Confirmation for January 2010! So now its Raging Storm 2010 El Paso instead of Raging Storm 2009 …which is for Phoenix at DEVASTATION in like 3 or so weeks.


Yes, the Phoenix Tournament is Raging Storm 2009-West Coast, the El Paso tournament is Raging Storm 2010- South Coast. Houston Qualifiers are for the El Paso tournament.

The Phoenix tournament and the El Paso tournament will remain separate unless I make the top three in every tournament at Phoenix Quals for the El Paso one.


My baby is due in January so I am going to have to be counted out of this event as much as it pains me. But having a kid > anything else in life. I will still do the dvd though since I can create that from home.

Congratulations! Believe me I understand…but you gotta understand…this is just the beginning… :wgrin: you will surely have more opportunities in the future…esp once the “New SNK Game” gets released, then things will pick up significantly.

EDIT: Yes it’s back on!! A couple of things have led to me wanting to do this sooner rather than later (June):

  1. Nouveau Defi Prologue was well received and it was an experiment of sorts, so now I know what is needed to go further. So this event could pretty much be USA vs. Northern Mexico Part II but it’s open to the public!!!
  2. KOFGuy talking shit saying “I’m no challenge to him in KOFXI” because I lost to Mr. KOF in KOFXI though MR.KOF won the damn tournament!!! So I’m seriously considering flying this fool from the Bahamas to El Paso, Texas so me, Mr. KOF, and Kane9999 can put a serious whooping on his ass!!!

For now date is February 26-28th in the Elite Arena.

Aye man all people can do is talk shit. Where is the proof? I bet you $500 he won’t come out. lol.