Raging Storm MIAMI! TBA

I’ve been dropping the word on the youtube video, and word has been spreading amongst people about it, so I’m posting it up!

Raging Storm Miami!

Date: TBA
Location: TBA very soon!

Registration fee: $15 Early Bird, **$20 at the door.

Payout- 70-20-10 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, except for Smash where payout is 60-30-10.

Sponsored by LDA Inc.

Dark Geese-Head Raging Storm Miami 2010 Planner
DevilDigimon- Head Tournament Organizer
The Wil?- Head Tournament Organizer
Sazae- Head Tournament Organizer
Mixup?- Tournament Organizer
Jra64- Head Tournament Organizer
NuJin- Head Tournament Organizer
Saetan- Head Tournament Organizer
Games: (All are $10 for entry)


  1. Windjammers or Magical Drop
  2. Super Street Fighter IV
  3. BlazBlue/CS
  5. KOFXI
  6. ST HD Remix
  7. Guilty Gear Accent Core
  8. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  9. Naruto 3
  10. MVC2
  11. KOF 98UM
  12. KOF 2002 UM
  13. Samurai Shodown II
  14. Tekken 6 BR
  15. Fatal Fury Special
  16. Metal Gear Online
  17. Garou MOTW: PS2
  18. Samurai Showdown Tenka (Wii)
  19. TvC: AuS**

Alternate: SF3 3s

Yes, we are gonna bust our butt to make sure everyone of these games happens! If you want these all to happen we need you as players to be on time, because we work hard FOR YOU…but if you are late then it delays everything, and some tournaments may not happen due to late attendance!

Mavrick where you at? FFS and Sam Sho II fool! U need to join staff! (So you can run Sam Sho II, FFS, and a few others maybe for me!)

South Beach and Hot Hispanic women here we come!!! :smokin:


Haha DG! holding one of your world famous tourney’s here Huh.
Ya you know i’ll be there. Would love to join the staff but, don’t know if i’ll have the time i plan on joining 13 of the 17 games you have there.

Oh okay I gotcha man I do understand lol. We might be adding Metal Gear Online depends…Also silly me I forgot to add Tekken 6 BR. Check everyone game list has been slightly changed. Our goal is to make every damn one of these tournaments happen! We want you guys to have as much fun as EARTHLY POSSIBLE.


Whats up DG!! Nice to see ur going to come around my neck of the woods. Ill be there. Put in some Breakers while ur at it. :tup:

yo i second breakers revenge.

I live in S FL so I’ll be there. Depending on the location of course.

edit: nvm I saw the “Miami” part lol.

I gotta get the Breakers Revenge cart. Or I’ll have to use the XBOX. I’ll have a Consolized MVS so we could literally run Breakers Revenge the real way, that’s what I’m shooting for.

So is that a good thing?

I’ll be there with my bro! :woot:

Any chance for 3rd Strike? XD

Yes there is…I’ll put 3s as an alternate…meaning no questions asked if one tournament doesnt happen due to lack of interest 3s is in.

This looks really good. I really just wanna support DG in all his stuff since I am starting to really get into some snk fighters now. BTW, Why no Mark of the Wolves? Or Sam Sho 6, Or TvC: UAS.

If it would not be to much I think I might be able to bring two wii setups and run TvC: UAS and Sam SHo 6 (via samurai shodown anthology wii) if that would be cool with you.

Is this also going to be a qual for Rage Storm SoCal?

I would really like to see Mark of the Wolves if there is any one down to play it.

For SST I can handle that personally so I can put that in. Garou MOTW my mistake I took it off. Also yes this will be a Qual for Raging Storm SoCal, those that rank top three in each tournament get into RS SoCal free of charge.

Here I’ll make a deal with you, if you can bring two setups for TvC (TVs and all) and run it in addition to helping out with Garou MOTW and SST (in other words helping me run those tournaments) Then I will add you to staff and everything will happen. (In other words TvC:AUS, Garou MOTW, SST all in)

Is that a deal?

check your pms sir.


i’m going to drag a certain two people to this tournament by the tip of their joysticks :smile:

…unless they show up on their own. :lol:

One more time sir!!

Okay everyone welcome Saetan to our very own staff…And we are adding Garou MOTW, TvC:AuS, and Samurai Showdown Tenka (Wii) to the tournament. Don’t fret if you play Tenka on the PS2, we have PS2 to Wii converters…

quick questions: what consoles are being used for the games? SSF4? Also for SAM SHO 2? is it emu? Just asking ahead of time so I know what equipment to bring along.

yooo i’ll be there. should be fun

SSF4-PS3. PS3/PS2 for 95% of games. Sam Sho 2 no, PS2 Sam Sho Anthology/Spirits Collection. CVS2 I’d prefer PS2 if that’s possible but you all tell me what you prefer for CVS2.

Hope to see you there