Raging Storm Minnesota! April 17th,2010, Min, MN

I’d prefer to have SF4 on PS3, that is unless the consensus is to have it on 360??

Wow godlike…that’ll help quite a bit…and if you need help funding the PS2 to Neo converters let me know…I’ll be bringing my own Consolized MVS…

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to run both systems during a tournament; especially one with a lot of people. Trying to figure out who wants to play on what system when they’re matched up and then trying to figure out disputes if each person wants to play on a different system is no fun. It’s much easier to run everything on a single system.

The consensus is certainly playing it on PS3.

I see. It’s a bit tough for me since I only have a stick for the 360 and having to ask someone to use their stick seems too much of a hassle especially if it’s throughout the entire tourney.

Also, will smash be both doubles and singles or just singles?

Digimonemporer will be able to tell you more on that.

Any last blade 2 interest? I’m down to play that one.

… yeah, but most everyone is afraid to play you. :smile:

BTW: DG, I have 2 AES copies and a MVS copy of LB2… :woot:

Great! Gypsy, you should qual for Garou so you can play vs. Noc in Last Blade 2! We can have an Exhibition on LB2 for the DVD with what you got Delly…

Yo Geese, if there enough interest I can bring Melty Blood: Actress Again and a set up for it too.

Giovanni, if there is enough interest, enough time and enough setups, I’m gonna try to cap the games at what they are right now, but Melty Blood certainly can be an alternative (in other words if certain games dont have enough entrants sure no problem).

I wanna make sure to not overload my staff.

That’s cool

Thanks for putting up a fb page. Invites people

Anyone up for some TvC casuals?

I’d be interested in going, for melee and sf4, but was curious on hwo this was gonna work. Got a stick but its a 360 stick, and i’ve never been to a tourney so im not sure how your going to do this?

What kind of stick you have for 360? Maybe someone can let you borrow their stick for matches if you’re cool enough. :wgrin:

I’ve got the TE edition stick for it

this thread needs more hype.

I’ll be entering
Garou MOTW
Twinkle Star Sprites
Samurai Showdown II
Magical Drop 3
Tekken 6 BR

DG need me to do any leg work for ya?

Yes actually, I need help getting a good venue because I’m extremely busy trying to solidify a venue everywhere so the more you can help the better…

Hoooolyyyyyyyyy shit.

Did you check out the place I suggested? If the amount of space works out, then you might as well use that. If you want me to make a call, let me know.

Yes I did Shogun17 and I think I got somewhere else/they didn’t follow up with me…so you’d be better getting figures than I would because they didn’t follow up with me.

It’s a Minnesota Neo staple.:tup: