West Coast Heads this is for you!!! I’m bringing you Raging Storm SoCal 2010 in August TBA. I would have the venue already reserved but this is the Christmas Holidays so you will know the venue as soon as next week!

Mr. KOF, Reynald, Guero, RJ+ all you EVO Heads need to come out to this because I’m in your backyard fools! I’ll get Kane9999 to come up to this from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico so KOFXI can be popping!

Sponsored by: LDA Inc.

TBA very soon!

Dark Geese- Head Raging Storm SoCal Planner
DevilDigimon- Head Tournament Organizer
RaYzbYrn- Tournament Organizer
THE ANSWER- Head Tournament Organizer
Nocturnal- Head Tournament Organizer
Giby- Head Tournament Organizer
Jra64- Head Tournament Organizer
Kane9999- Tournament Organizer
DeMarcus GPX +Crew?
Sal_Says- Tournament Organizer
BlueMary69- Tournament Organizer

Registration: $15 early bird, $20 at the door

-$10 entry per game.

Payout: 70-20-10 for all games except Smash which is 60-30-10. For all Smash related questions please contact DevilDigimon.


**1. KOF 2002 Neo Geo (PS2 or arcade)
2. KOF 2002 UM
3. KOF 98UM
6. Naruto Revolution 3
7. Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)
8. Tekken 6 (PS3)
9. Smash Bros. Brawl
10. Smash Bros. Melee
11. Garou MOTW
12. 3s Singles
13. MVC2 Singles
14. HDR (PS3)
15. CVS2
16. TvC **

This is the USA SNK National Championship for 2010!



yay no soul caliber or gg or bb. No sarcasm, I’m glad they’re not there.

3s please. maybe marvel as well. You are in LA after all.


Gotcha done deal just added it. I am also gonna try to get Mago at this event, if I can come he’ll be a good addition for everyone, not just for the SNK players, but because he’s a Capcom player he’ll be a good addition for nearly everything.


Why isnt there Original N64 Super smash brothers?


Talk to Digimonemporer, if he decides to add it then we will do so. He’s like 55x more familiar with Smash than I am, so he could decide that, and what’s not included in this is the loads of Team events that are going to happen just for Smash alone. Check the Raging Storm El Paso thread (1st post) so you can get a good idea of what I’m talking about.

He will post in here addressing that issue however.


Mago plays KoF? Interesting

Anyways I’m probably down for Tekken.


Yeah he won EVO 2007 in KOF NeoWave and KOFXI. He was also seen in a lot of the SBO KoF videos so he’d be a good person to bring for everyone involved etc.

I’ll keep you down for Tekken. Mago also got top 4 in SBO in NGBC in 2005.


I’ll definitely hit this up… regular SF4 too please :slight_smile:


Thank you sir, I will be sure to put you down. Regular SF4 over Super? I’ll consider…lol.


And then I can beat him at 3s again. LOL.


I’ll be there.


Update: I have just changed this tournament to the Official USA SNK National tournament! Raging Storm El Paso is a Qualifier for this tournament, and all Major tournaments in 2010 are Qualifiers for…



No HDR or HF?


We can add HDR, matter of fact since this is SoCal we are talking about we need to add HDR.


Anyway u guys can add cvs2 to the lineup?


Only way I’ll add it is if we can be sure we have more than enough people to handle it…meaning the people that may want it added have to be sure they can supply the equipment/consoles, possible tvs, games and manpower to run the brackets then yes that’s something we can consider. So if we can add a lot of staff to make sure it happens then it’s possible.

To add more games we are gonna need at least 2-3 more dedicated staff members. Also should CVS2 get added it’ll probably be the last game added.

Also wanted to tell you guys that it’s POSSIBLE we could be teaming up with Demarcus GPX who is doing the USA vs. Japan tournament in June for this particular tournament.


“I stan mah hans, whicha bruh.” - CvS2 Geese
Couple ?'s:
Are you gonna allow Goenitz in 02um? I’m starting to understand why Japan banned him, but if you give me the word he’s on my team (beware)
Will Marvel be one ps3’s also? (I’m not playing, just like to ask on others behalf :confused:)
Lastly, where’s FHD?


Only way I’m adding any more games is if we have more staff…You all must understand that…I do not want to overload my staff…that’s quite a bit of stuff we have right there. So I will have FHD, but if Nocturnal and Giby agree to run that then that’s fine, because every staff member is gonna have 3-4 games they are responsible for running/assisting in running so I don’t wanna overload them. Staff members plan a AFTERPARTY/dinner so we all can celebrate after this! :party:

In regards to Marvel, I’d prefer Dreamcast, so I am going to seek out those that can provide it on DC.

As far as Goenitz is concerned in 2k2UM until further notice yes he’s banned.


I can probably lend a number of systems and games when the time comes.


Okay then that’s one DC w/MVC2, the question is gonna be how many more DCs with Marvel can we get?