Raging Storm

Is Geese worth playing if you can’t consistantly do his raging storms on reaction? I cover it up by sticking on my opponent rushing him while I’m raged and if I get the opportunity I combo into the deadly rave. And if he is still worth playing what are some things I can do to help my game until I can do raging storms consistantly?

Walk up RS is beast. Too bad I can only do it in SNK games.

All I can say is practice execution.

One way to pull it off is to do:
That or practice doing it by-
Press DB then do HCB then press DF+P
Kinda tough to get it in combos though if u don’t practice much

I’ve heard about the 3 different ways to do the raging storm but I only feel comfortable doing it the original way.

too slow

doing it the original way is quicker so just keep practicing

This is another way to perform the RS…I call it the “X Factor”:

:db: :r: :df: :l: :df:

Basically, all that you’re doing is hitting five corners in the input. You should try it.

thanks but i’ve got it down to where i can do c.rh xx raging storms pretty consistantly.

Have you tried doing the RS while dashing forward or backward or after you’ve stopped running? It might be a nice tactic to have.

that sounds more like a waste of a super, i think AA/wake up rs or hit confirm deadly raves are good enough for me.

I’m running into the problem where the everything but the df+P goes off without a hitch. I’m at 30% with the super after about only 45 minutes of practice, is there any way to ensure that the df+p is going to complete the motion? I’ve tried pianoing the punches since I’m doing it in a-groove, but its not really helping much. Either I do it or I don’t at this point.

only way to ensure the df.p is practice your execution, turn on the key data and practice doing the RS and look if you are skipping directions or look at your hands as you do the RS and see if you are doing something too slow or too fast.