Raging Storm



Is there any trick to doing an easier raging storm. It seems no matter how much I practice, I still can’t do it as consistently as I want to.:mad:



HCBx2, d/f+p



Hope this helps…



i think you just have to keep practicing. i tried learning short cuts for it and just screwed up in the end. now i can do it in a heartbeat. it’s definately worth learning though. if you just can’t do it consistently, switch to rock. i know it’s not the same, but at least you won’t give away jump ins.

if you really want an easy way to do it though, try 3 half circles back and punch. that was the most consistent way for me to do it when i first attempted it. good luck and i hope that helps.


uh i just do db, qcf, hcb, hcf to df + P
it’s like doing a hcf,hcb, hcf + P just without the back in the beginning and the forward at the end.


I just do the actual motion, it’s not that hard.



hes right its really not

but i do the hcbx2 d/f+p when im finishing a custom,
cause i want that super at the end, no fuck ups i guess…


wassaaaaaaa peeps

i do it like this

i USE 3 U’s

first u foward and then back and then foward and punch…

thats how i do it… and i do it in the ps2 controller is eazy


Play KoF 96 on level 8 in a MVS cabinet and Keep practicing till you can do it on the spot.

Now I can catch people when they hop in or even throw a long poke.