|| Ragna || The Geesepant

so until the character are made i’ll attempt to make sure this thread stays organized.


A - standing jab type punch
B - long reaching roundhouse type kick
C - swings his sword, nice range pretty much only for combos
D - swings his sword up and then down, the second part is dash cancelable
2A - cr.jab type of punch, pretty fast and good for starting combos because of stuffing, counter hit.
2B - crouching kick
2C - sweep with his sword.which hits behind and in front, not a low
2D - Low hit, looks like hos’ fafnir from ac, life regain on hit

Jump Normals
J.A - weak looking punch
J.B - weak looking kick with the tip of his foot
J.C - large swing of his sword, main jump and iad move
J.D - swings his sword upwards, looks like the beginning of inferno divider

Command Normals
6A – launcher, JCable, anti-air, upper body invincibility
6B-- overhead, Combos into 5C
6C – 2-hit attack (2nd hit launches), both hits are dash-cancellable
6D - Low air attack gatlings into J.D great for lockdown and combos

(Drive) Soul Eater:
5D, 6D, 2D, j.D – health regain on hit or block; 5D = dash cancelable


Mada owari janee zo (It’s not over yet) OTG Command Grab
Command: 2,2,C when the opponent is down
Comments: Induces stagger. Follow up with standing B.
Counts as a normal grab and therefore doesn’t scale during a combo, good vs tager since hes big you can get multiple 22c’s in one combo

Hell Fang QCF/236 A
Dashing Punch = looks like order sol’s rock it

Tsuika - QCB/214 D after Hell Fang
Additional attack after hell fang causes life regain on either hit or block

Gauntlet Hades - QCB/214 B -
Jump kick, used for throw follow ups and overhead mix ups
–> Keri Age - QCB/214 D after Gauntlet Hades
aka Back spinning kick, gauntlet hades follow up, life regain

while it is indeed a dragon punch it is also the beginning of a rekka
–> Uppercut - QCF/236 C
follow up to inferno divider
–> Horizontal Knockback QCF/236 C after uppercut
wallbounce and ender of the rekka
–> Drop Kick QCB/214 C after uppercut
knockdown, similiar to sol’s kicky follow up to vv

Deadspike - QCB/214 D
Shark thingy comes from the ground, looks cool seems to have no purpose outside of combos

Distortion Drives
Carnage Scissor: HCB,F, D – 2 hit attack (charge -> lunge),

Blood Kain: 214214D – enhancement technique (i.e. Dragon Install); continuously drains Ragna’s lifebar for a set period of time
-> Dark Devour aka CLAW: 214214D (during Blood Kain) – throw attack; large health regain on hit, ends Blood Kain on hit or whiff

Updated Combos

Tsuika = Additional attack after Hell Fang

2A, 5B, 5C, any special -> followup
5B, 5C, 5D, (delay) Hell’s Fang, Tsuika
2A, 5B, 5C, 2C, Hell’s Fang, Tsuika
6B, 5C, 2C, Hell’s Fang, Tsuika
5B, 3C, 22C, 5B, 5C, Hell’s Fang, Tsuika

some combos for everyone to learn

off forward or back throw, gauntlet hades, delay follow up, 5b, d upper etc, 3327
if you’re not getting the same damage as me you’re not getting both hits of d upper (which is harder off forward throw)

off backthrow, gauntlet hades, dash 5b,6a,5d (2) hellfang, extension 3926
(hard as shit to do unless you’re in the corner that dash b kicks my ass)

bc,5d,6a,5d(2), hellfang,follow up, does comparable if not more damage than 5d,6a, air combo and gives you a knockdown right in front of you 3233 damage

2d,5c,5d (1)hellfang,22c,5b,5c,hellfang,follow up, 3690
his best combo off 2d, 22c is your friend

b,c, hellfang rc, dash 6d delay d, dash 5b,3c,22c, 3347

against crouching
6b,5c,6c, dash, 5d (2),hellfang, follow up 3644
6b,5c,6c,gauntlet, delay follow up,5b,d upper,follow ups 4020

in the corner
3c,5d(2), dash,6a, 5d(2),22c 3573

against crouching in/near the corner
6b,5c,6c,dash, 5d,6a,5d,hellfang, follow up 4212
6b,5c,6c,gauntlet,delay follow up, 5b,6a,5d,hellfang, follow up 4504
6b,5c,6c,gauntlet,delay follow up,5b,6a, sjc, cd, dj d, d upper follow ups 4552

Combos including Blood Kain

  • Normal chain~
    …, 3C, Blood Kain, 5C, 5D etc
    (corner) …, 3C, Blood Kain, 5C, (5D, DC) x 3, Inferno Divider -> followups

*After 6C
Near Corner …6C, BK, J.D, delay J.D, land, [5D, dash] x 2 or 3, dash 6D,J.D, jc J.D, inferno divida etc etc

  • Throw~
    (corner) Throw, Blood Kain, (5D, DC) x 2, 5D (1 hit), D Inferno Divider -> followups
    Back throw, Blood Kain, j.D, JC, (delay) j.D, land, j.D, JC, j.B, D Inferno Divider -> followups

Combos during Blood Kain

(5D, DC) x N, Carnage Scissor - known as “D Loop” (tentative)
(near corner) 5B, 6A, JC, (j.C, j.D, JC, (delay) j.D, land) x 2, (5D, DC) x 2, Gauntlet Hades or Yami ni Kuwarero

*Majority of info taken from dustloop.com and Japanese blazblue bbs

reserve 2

lol i made a thread same time u just did lol

Ragna the Geesepant…I’m sorry, I had to laugh.

what ground normals can be used as anti air? Mainly ones that can stop an air dash.

6 p can b used for that

“*After 6C
Near Corner …6C, BK, J.D, delay J.D, land, [5D, dash] x 2 or 3, dash 6D,J.D, jc J.D, inferno divida etc etc”

BK = Blood kain, yes?


I’m betting most people will be playing Ragna, so it’ll be interesting how this is all gonna go. Maybe we might actually get a Jetstream Inferno Attack.

Can’t wait to get my hands on my copy, Ragna is my main, so I can’t wait to break him in, in training mode.


thanks for the informatio bro

add me up on PSN cant wait to play you

Ragna will be my first main and i cant wait to get my hands dirty. I will be hella active in this thread

Just a side tip Dead spike is one of Ragna’s only move’s that leaves him at frame advantage on block (roughly +3 I believe). Non RC’ed as an RC’ed Hells Fang beats this at a whopping +29 on block.

deadspike is good for tech traps
lets you continue pressure or fish for CH 5B

got a question. how do u 22 c after a 5d. im tryin to do it but it just wont come out

You have to hit them with a 3C first, so they are considered to be in a knockdown state.

Example, in the corner, combo to 3C-5D, dash cancel, 6A-5D -> 22C.

o ok thnks alot. now i have trouble with this combo. lets say 5b, 5c hellfang RC dc 6d jd 3c 22c etc… after the j,d it pushes me way to far for me to even 3c. what am i doign wrong?

you gotta delay the j.d a tad i believe then do 5B 3C?
im pretty sure a 5B has to be in there

It helps to delay the j.D, but I don’t think it’s 100% necessary. After that, make sure you dash and then input 5B-3C. You recover from the j.D earlier than it seems.

Ragna’s combos have some awkward delays that you just have to practice and get used to. It took me a good few tries to figure out the timing for comboing off of Gauntlet Hades or performing Blood Kain combos.

Sup True, thanks for putting this shit up. I might try him out and then see what happens from there. Its darkpanzer btw on ef.