|| Ragna || The Geesepant


Just try doing 3c >> 22c until you get the timing down. It really helps to practice that before integrating it into a bigger combo.

Also try practicing something simple with it, like 3c >> 22c >> 5b >> 214a >> 214d!


Guys is Ragna the most aggressive char in the game?


damn this game is hot i love ragna. 3c 22c timing isnt hard just wait a split second or do like 2222 then c to help with timing.

4x2,2,2,2 is actually perfect timing for it.


…I hate guilty gear notation


other than inferno divider(uppercut), are there any ground normals that can punish jin’s ice board?


This is very helpful. Thankees True_Tech. I’ll prolly come running back to this thread with questions galore later.


can anyone tell me what ragna’s most damaging/reliable combo is? with and without meter?


I realize how much of a noob I am but on Carnage scissors how do we get second attack out? It seems totally random and I’ve tried pressing D after first hit doing a motion then d, also what doe sit mean chargable? I’ve held D after doing move and it doesn’t seem to hold the move?

Thanks for any help! really loving Ragna so far.


For the 2nd hit to come out u don’t hit d.u just do the super and it comes out by itself.pressing d just stops the 2nd hit


Wow. I’ve been stopping it myself the entire time lol. Thanks!


nevermind. this thread shows all ragna’s moves with regular AND blood kain damage, as well as a list of combos…but no total combo damage.

still… useful.

edit: correction. SOME combos have damage listed.


Well I’m usually able to come up with my own strategies on certain match ups… but how the hell do you fight arakune without being random as hell?


From my experience, when you are not cursed you want to zone him in an area of 50-75% of the screen where you should be able to react to any curse attacks. Just zone him out, wait for him to do something thats punishable.

When you’re cursed, its tougher obv. If he’s rushing down, just gotta take it, look for openings. If he’s rushing but spamming and being not smart just wait it out until curse is over. If he’s turtling, get back in a range of 50% of the screen and wait for him to try to jump crossover, or soon as you see him teleport just go get inside.

I guess to summarize just wait for him to make first move.


Can you combo from 214B, 214D into 623D without a Rapid? Also, can you combo into a grab after bouncing them off the wall from 623D, 236C, 236C?

I haven’t figured out the timing on them but it feels like you should be able to.


If you delay the 214D after 214B, you can stick in quite a bit afterwards. A simple 5B -> 623D etc works pretty well, but you can definitely get more.


i has tons of trouble linking after gauntlet hades (after i use 5D then gauntlet)
i can’t seem to get 5B off
maybe it doesn’t combo
its probably my execution (i use a ps3 pad T_T)


I use a Dualshock 3 also, better than a 360 pad but it’s still impossible to do Hakumen’s Astral under pressure.

Trying to save up for a RAFS3 or better yet hopefully the Tekken wireless stick will be sold seperately of the game.


Any good air combos that are pretty simple to pull off? I’d like to think my ground game is fine (5b 5c 214a 214b and the Carnage Scissor variant give me no trouble) for now but my AA and juggle needs work.


umm lets say u launch with 6 A. then u j.c j.d j.c j.d inferno diverder follow up is a nice and simple combo


after hellfang RC whats usually the best followup?
ive used hellfang RC dash 6.D j.D (land) 5B 5C hellfang>followup. its easy and simple

but ive seen lots of japanese ragna videos where i think its
hellfang RC dash 6.D j.D (land) 5.B 3.C 22C.
but i can seem to get close enough to get the 22C to connect. is there another dash in there or something?