RahXephon Melismatic Reika Mishima Joystick

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Presenting the first stick available from Team Crooked Jester!
RahXephon Melismatic Reika Mishima Joystick

The chasis for this stick was made using a light Pine Wood with 2 coats of spray on primer and 3 coats of black matte spray paint. The matte photo print is encased under lexan plastic which is rated 250x more durable than glass. The actual joystick in this box is made using a Sanwa JLP-TP-8T 4-Way Gate Joystick. It has been mounted 9mm recessed from the top surface giving it a perfect arcade feel identical to the height of Hori’s Real Arcade Pro series of joysticks. As well, it uses 8 Sanwa OBSN-30 Push Button Switches for the main buttons and 3 Sanwa OBSN-24 Push Buttons Switches for Start/Select/Analog. The bottom is made of perforated pegboard which is latched on with velco so that it can be easily without the use of tools during a tournament.

Why a third button for Analog? Well the PS3’s recent firmware upgrade enabled the analog buttons in PS2 and PSX controllers to act as a home button. So if you are using a converter to use this stick on a PS3, you will have a home button readily available! Right now there is no circuitry in this stick. I will not be putting circuitry into this stick until someone has agreed to buy it. This way, I can map the buttons to any which way the buyer wishes to use it. Whether it be VF5, T5DR, SC3 or whatever layout the buyer wants, it can be done. All buttons will be connected using .110 quick disconnects so that the user can easily remove the pegboard and switch the button maps when needed.

Bidding on this stick will start at $150.

In addition to this stick, we are also willing to made custom sticks for people interested. We have selected three different types of wood. Pine is the cheapest, extremely light, but also soft and malleable. Maple is a mid-ranged wood, being a little bit heaver and tougher; it will also be more expensive since its harder to work with. Red Oak is the best wood we offer, but its a lot heaver, and much more expensive; of course, it is extremely strong and hard to dent. Our sticks are legal sized at about 8.5 x 14 inches. Smaller than Hori’s Real Arcade Pro series, making it a comfortable fit on your lap. We can also insert any image you want underneath the lexan. We use the highest quality and some of the most expensive parts in our sticks. If you are interested please email me jaxel@crookedjester.com for a quote.

Since these sticks are home made, they won’t be perfect. It is natural to have some sort of imperfections; they are not made with a manufactured process and each piece of wood and electronics is handled with as much care as possible. But as I said, this is hand made and its impossible to be perfect. Even this Reika stick, if you look closely to the image, you will see that the lexan glass is actually 1mm too short on the left side of the stick. We try our best and will make sure you get a good product with as few imperfections within reason as possible.

wow this is top-tier

Kinda the wrong forum isn’t it? Why’s the bottom board like, not flush with the box too? 200 dollars is a bit high too don’t you think? :x Lots of new stick makers coming in recently, quite the sales pitch heh. Good luck!

Okay a few things:

  1. This is the wrong forum. If you want to sell, go to the Trading Outlet

  2. Your stick is nice, but I don’t understand the use of perforated board for the bottom. On top of that, it’s not even cut to size.

  3. Not to sound like an ass but $200 is definitely WAY overpriced for your materials and labor. There are half a dozen builders in this thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=226 who sell sticks with equivalent materials at a cheaper price OR higher quality materials at a cheaper price. Not to mention comparison quality of build (for example take a look at TMO)

I say these things all for your benefit. Because you need to know those 3 things before you consider selling sticks here.


paik4life said everything i said, but the way i wanted to say it lawl.

maybe this is just an oversight but no rubber feet or bottom padding of any kind?

Where does the pad wire come out?

wait THE crooked jester team? lemme just say this first…the shit you guys are doing for the Narutimate Hero series is great, its interesting that you guys are getting into stick making and for your first effort that stick is IMPRESSIVE.
but honestly, no offense the other guys are right, your stick is great and all but a few things.

  • the bread board is fine but its not cut to completely cover the bottom of the stick
  • you need rubber feet to protect the bottom side from dents and such if dropped
  • you need rubber period on the bottom side, the reason for this is that often with those thin sticks you’ll play on your lap and the rubber on the bottom side is to help prevent the stick from sliding when you play. same with the rubber feet but those are more for tables.
  • of course the most popular one, the price. you see this year for some reason stick makers have come out of the wood work …(sorry about that) and they’re quality sticks at low low prices, before it was no more then 5 stick makers making them and on average they were lowest at 130-160 for a barebones stick. NOW for around the price you’re selling yours you can purchase a TMO stick
    now tmo has raised the level for stickmakers i mean all of us are wowed by his work but now adays you can score a decent stick for $100 and a stick like THIS for the same price as yours.

not trying to criticize but i dont know how often sticks are sold on crooked jester, but at SRK its getting harder and harder to sell sticks at a pocketable price, you either have to compromise or make your sticks unique. i’d honestly say here you should sell it for…$180 shipped (any where in the U.S) but on the CJ forums its completely up in the air.

not trying to just,…just trying to clarify why everyones mentioning the price.
i hope you guys dont quit making them they look great and im sure you guys are gonna continue churning out quality work so all and all GOOD LUCK :slight_smile:

ps: SRK tech talk is really helpful if you need help in the future when it comes to stickmaking or if you run into any roadblocks hacking pads and such.

hell, seeing captain zombie’s work (which looks slick with the paint and clean wiring), i’d say shooting closer to the 120 mark is a bit more up your alley for a simple box design. Don’t mind me, i’m just seriously seriously bored and i feel like criticizing XD because this isn’t in the trading forum yet .

Thanks for the advice guys… I’m bring the price down to $150.

As for everything else, i didnt even know there was a trading forums… oops, sorry.

one more piece of advice. use the normal button layout of american or jap, tekken 5 template not very appealing at least to me. if they wanted that they would buy a tekken mod. that’s one of the thing that would deter me from buying.