Raida vs Divekick

Hello! I’m not an Ibuki player but I noticed during casual matches with my friend that Raida eats divekicks below the waist. Is this common knowledge? I’m wondering if you could come up with a good OS to counter Twins divekicking with this.

First of all, why are you making it hard on yourself and using LP raida? Always always use HP raida for the range, and I’d say even spend meter if you have it for EX raida, for even more range (and a lot safer on block, even though you can still get punished, kind of).

Secondly, I’m pretty sure using raida as an antiair is already common knowledge, since day 1 SSF4. The problem is what to do if Yun aims higher, like if he simply jumps without doing a dive kick, or maybe more rarely if he whiffs LK dive kick to bait a slow (recovery wise) antiair attempt like raida.

As for option selecting, I don’t know what kind of option select you can apply it to, except using raida instead of crouch tech (which I would highly recommend, since crouch tech gets raped by dive kick characters).

Well that’s what i was thinking about couldn’t there be a OS for the higher dive kicks?

I’m not really sure if this would be considered an OS…more like a hail mary. You can’t block low while using raida and it has a fairly long startup, so using it while you’re in a blockstun will probably just get you counter-hit. It will beat grab attempts and low divekicks (afaik), but there’s really not much option selecting you can do…you just gotta throw it out there and hope they eat it. The risk/reward just isn’t worth it, IMO.

If you can input raida fast enough, it’ll be almost like blocking low, since you’ll still be in blockstun while you’re inputting it.

It has long startup, but look at what other characters have to use for anti dive kick technology:
Sakura has to use cr.HP, which does come out fast in 4frames, but is horribly punishable on block and easily whiff punished. Rufus has to use cr.MP, which comes out in 6frames. Same as Juri. Some characters aren’t fortunate enough to have an option select at all, such as Abel or Dhalsim. Yes raida has long startup, but I’d rather take a counter hit combo and force Yun to do more work frame trapping, than let him autopilot a random dive kick into whatever combo he wants.

On the plus side, since it’s a special, the (large) reversal windows comes into play. Whereas timing a crouch tech right out of blockstun may be difficult, mashing reversal raida isn’t.

Not only does it beat throw attempts and nearly every dive kick attempt, but it beats his command grab as well. A huge plus.

Call it an option select, call it a hail mary, call it whatever you want. All I’m saying is that it’s far superior to crouch tech. Ibuki should try to avoid being put in this situation anyways. Nobody said the risk/reward would be in your favor when you get pressured.

how about just timing a stlp when you think hes about to go for a divekick, its a lot more possible on reaction and although it doesnt have the overwhelming aggression of the raida, its a lot more safer tactic. clever players are always going to delay their blockstrings, so there is a danger of you being counter hit out of the mashed raida with the twins godlike crmk or stmp. only noobs use true blockstrings all the time. but yes i do agree that the hail raida mary(lol) can be mixed in with crouch techs and stlps.

It would work. The problem is it’s based on pure reads instead of an option select like crouch tech which can cover multiple options.