Raiden, glitching out vs Elizabeth. Any other Known glitches?

I was fooling around in practice mode with Raiden, using Elizabeth as my dummy.

I used Raiden’s DM, against her, and it totally glitches out. Can anyone else try this to confirm the glitch? Is it only in practice mode?

Is there any other glitches/weirdness worth mentioning in the game?

Also, I DLed the automatic update.

Edit: Only wonky in practice mode.

Re-Edit: Actually wonky during matches too.

Ohh yea, that’s the one…

thats amazing !!! i love the elizabeth skateboard!! :slight_smile:

wow thats lame

I hope the guys debugging aren’t the same guys working on the next patches and DLC … oh crap ^^

I found my moves to use online wooooo!!!

cool playtesting SNK!



This happens even if its just super without a CC. :sweat::sweat:

Wow, huge oversight. SNKP need to patch this right away.

If it was only during CC, I could maybe see how it got through, but just on a normal super? That is hella sloppy on SNK’s part.

Can someone with the 360 version confirm if there is the same problem?
I’ve just tested it on ps3 with all characters (and it only works against elizabeth), but don’t have a 360 version to test.

:rofl: Too good.

this is make or break for them

same problem on 360… this is ridiculous

Wow, the last King of Fighters. Well, at least I stayed to the very end. :slight_smile: No KOFXII potential at Evo now. Online netcode still up in the air for who knows how long. That’s it. I can’t even recommend the game to my friends. LoL

At least I’ll enjoy possessing it. A chapter in gaming history I suppose. Just need an MVS cabinet, and maybe I can make a little shrine for SNK in the corner of my livingroom.

I’ll enjoy it on a personal level with close friends, just hoped this would be SNK’s chance to break out into the fold.

I put another vid of this glitch up here.


I’m on the 360 version.

(Vid is HD 720p, if that matters?)

I am deeply amused by all these doom-n-gloom people on the forum here. Oh no, it’s a glitch that’ll get patched. Oh no, the netcode isn’t godly like SF4’s equally crappy online.

I’ve not booted up my BB 1p mode, nor my SF4 1p mode since i unlocked Seth. Why does anyone think that these things are going to count against it in a TOURNAMENT?

This seems to be a post patch issue. I have not updated my xbox copy yet with the new patch, and I am doing the dm multiple times with raiden against her and I am not getting a single glitch.

Yeah, it’s definitely the patch that caused this. It doesn’t work pre patch, I could try and record video if you guys want to see.

That makes SNK/Iginiton look worse.