Raiden Moveset and Attributes

Raiden Moveset and Attributes

And once more from Majestros:

"Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties."

Frame Data:

[Edit to Command move, thx to RagingStormX]

Frame Data:

For projectiles, * indicates when a projectile is released. Note, sometimes i got lazy, listed projectiles as something like 14/26, assume projectile released on frame 15 in this case.
x/x/o refers to cancellability of a move, is it rapid fire move/special cancellable/super cancellable?
Moves with damage 1100, 1000 indicate damage varies according to when the move hits, like 1100 up close, 1000 far.
x,x/o,x/o,o refers to cancellability of moves, e.g. can cancel into special only on close hit, but cancels into super fine on either close or far hit.

Moves 1000+400, have a first hit of 1000, and 2nd hit of 400.
Cancellability written in the form: x+x/o+x/o+o, where the first symbol indicates cancellability of the 1st hit, and the second symbol indicates the cancellability of the second hit.
So the described move is not rapid fire on either hit, cancels into specials on only the first hit, and cancels into a super on either hit.

Note’s on /'s and +'s and :'s
/'s indicate a change from startup/recovery to a hit, a + indicates more recovery, or in the case of hits, another hit becoming active immediately after the previous hit.
[Edit] :'s now used for super startup, to match Buktooth’s standard.
:'s separate the startup frames before and after the super flash freeze for supers.

Note, sometimes use your judgement when reading a move. Some moves that clearly don’t hit, like athena’s teleport, obviously don’t hit. 17/12/14 refers to 17 frames of startup, 12 frames of teleporting, and 14 frames of recovery. Until I can get around to revising all my work and including full notes to all the moves that need’em, well use your own judgement.
Counters tend to be listed in the form [14/25] or [3/14/25]
[14/25] generally means the counter is active from frame 0, stays out for 14, has 25 frames of recovery.
[3/14/25] counter has 3 frames of startup, counter active for 14, 25 frames of recovery if whiffed.

for supers, [4:5/13/11] means 4 frames of startup before flash, 5 startup after flash, 13 active hit frames, 11 recovery.
4/5+3+3/13, means 4 frames startup, 5 active hit frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, then 13 frames of recovery.

Some air moves, stay active or keep recovering until they land. This is indicated writing land in a slot where there would be a number.
Move has 14 frames of startup, hits till landing, 13 frames of recovery while landing.
Move has 14 frames of startup, 5 active hit frames, then is recovering till lands, then needs 13 more frames to recover.


Close Standing:
LP: 500 +1/+1 x/o/o
MP: 1100 +4/+4 x/o/o
HP: 1600 -8/-8 x/x/o
LK: 800 +4/+4 x/o/o
MK: 1100 +0/+0 x/x/o
RH: 1400 -9/+0 x/x/x
[14/8/18] airborne 8-27

Far standing:
LP: 500 +1/+1 x/o/o
MP: 1100 -1/-1 x/x/x
HP: 1600 +5/+5 x/x/x
LK: 500 +4/+4 x/x/o
MK: 1000 -2/-2 x/x/x
RH: 1400 -9/+0 x/x/x

LP: 300 +5/+5 o/o/o
MP: 1000 -1/-1 x/x/x
HP: 900+600 -8/-8 x+x/x+x/x+x
LK: 400 -2/-2 x/o/o
MK: 1000 -2/-2 x/o/o
RH: 1300 down/-8 x/x/x

LP: 600
MP: 1200
HP: 1400
LK: 600
MK: 1100
RH: 1300

HP: 2100 85 pixels (o.0)
RH: 1000 + 200x(3~17) 52 pixels,
Mash that RH throw!

Command Move(s):
Stamp Kick:
df+RH: 1400, +2/+2, x/x/x
Block mid
Parry high

Book listed move as unparryable,X, but RagingStormX tested and apparently it is parryable. Too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Flying Body Press: (midair)
d+HP: 1300
Parry high
Lots of priority, cross up.

Dodge Attacks:
HP: 1100 down/-1 x/x/x
Animation: Far st. MP

RH: 1100 +0/+0 x/o/o
Animation: Close st. MK

Alpha Counter: 600 down/+3
5 frames of full body invincibility.
Animation: Far st. MP

Special Moves:

Giant Bomb: charge back, f+P
All versions:
Block mid
Parry high
Not airblockable.

LP: 1800 down/-14
Invincibility: 23 fullbody
MP: 2000 down/-16
Invincibility: 31 fullbody
HP: 2200 down/-18
Invincibility: 39 fullbody

Poison Breath: HCB + P
All versions: down/+9
Block mid
Parry high

LP: 1200,1100
MP: 1300,1200
HP: 1400,1300
Note, recovery for frame data bar is if whiffed. Recovery is MUCH quicker on hit/block.
Think Dhalsim’s Yoga fire.

Thunder Crash Bomb: 360 + K
All versions:
LK: 2200 85 pixels reach
MK: 2400 82 pixels reach
RH: 2600 79 pixels reach

Jumping Lariat Drop: DP + P
All versions:
Throw, 34 horizontal pixels, 0-78 vertical pixels.
airborne: 14-39
LP: 1600
MP: 1700
HP: 1800

Super Drop Kick: Hold KKK, release
All versions:
Block mid
Parry high
Air blockable

Lvl 1: Charge less than 8 seconds.
1400 down/-35
airborne 14-37
Lvl 2: Charge between 8-24 seconds.
1800 down/-36
airborne 14-38
Lvl 3: Charge between 24-48 seconds.
2200 down/-38
airborne 14-40
Lvl 4: Charge more than 48 seconds.
3800 down/-39
airborne 14-41

Apparently, there’s some different to advantage to block if opponent
is crouching, but I can’t figure out the note.

Raiden combination Body Blow: RDP + P
All versions:
Block mid
Parry high
Not airblockable

Followups occur at the 1 frame after the hit, or later if put
in late, latest possible it can occur is at the end of the 4th
number. After that, you’ll be stuck in recovery with no way to cancel out.

LP: 800 -13/-13
followups input: 12-32
MP: 900 -14/-14
followups input: 13-34
HP: 1000 -15/-15
followups input: 14-36

Head Butt: (follow up to body blow) QCB + P
All versions: All punch buttons the same.
Block mid
Parry high
Not airblockable
1300, down/-7

Front Suplex: (follow up to body blow) QCB + K
All versions: All buttons the same.
2200 80 pixel reach


Fire Breath: HCB x 2 + P
All versions:
Block mid
Parry high
Not airblockable.
Lvl 1: 2100 down/-27
Invincibility: 9 fullbody
Lvl 2: 3400 down/-5
Invincibility: 15 fullbody
Lvl 3: 5000 down/-4
Invincibility: 23 fullbody

Destruction Drop: 720 + K
All versions:
Lvl 1: 3200 102 pixel reach
Invincibility: 7 fullbody
Lvl 2: 4800 110 pixel reach
Invincibility: 15 fullbody
Lvl 3: 6400 118 pixel reach
Invincibility: 23 fullbody

Crazy Train: QCFx2 + P
All versions:
Block mid
Parry high
Not airblockable

Since the notation for the frame data is so long, for this move
I’ll use *'s to denote hitting frames.

Lvl 1: 2600
frames 1-9, 32-44 full body invincible
Lvl 2: 3800
frames 1-15, 68-80 full body invincible,
Lvl 3: 6600
frames 1-23, 98-110 full body invincible.

13 F of full body invincibility during 16 frames of startup
before the final hit.

Thank you sooo much. I am getting into raiden (King, Raiden, Mai), and there is so little in the forums about him. He seems to be the kind of character you really need to know some stuff with in order to even have a chance of winning with. Thanx :tup:

Who cares what tier he is, he’s a wrestler damn it! j/k

Raiden low tier. I use him in S-groove he’s pretty dope.


Command Move(s):
Stamp Kick:
df+RH: 1400 +2/+2 block mid, CANNOT be parried(!) x/x/x

That’s wrong buddy, I wish though. You parry the moved by tapping forward. Great work with the frame data, I’m going to put more up myself when I get time.