Raiden strats

wtf?! raiden needs love. i’ve been using him in k for a while now and it’s funny to me that hardly anyone uses him. i think he’s a beast. please post some thoughts, strats, whatever.

I like N-groove Raiden. He’s ridiculously strong. K-groove is sick too I bet.

-low jump LK, level 1 720
-df+HK (+2 advantage), 720

-break stock, cross-up j.d+HP, close s.MP xx rdp+HP, qcb+HP, juggle with level 3 flame super
10640 (tested vs. Ryu)

-c.LP, c.LP, c.LK xx rdp+LP, qcb+LP, level 3

-c.MK xx poison breath (or rdp+HP, qcb+HP), level 3

-close s.HP xx crazy train super (qcf, qcf+P)
close s.HP does 1600… That’s Sagat damage :lol:

Raiden cross-up j.d+HP is the best cross-up in the game. Heck, j.d+HP along with j.LK are two of the best jump-ins in the game.

Raiden gets +9 (!) after making somebody block his poison breath (hcb+LP). Run up c.LK xx hcb+LP, repeat is actually not a bad trap. You can juggle with level 3 after.

d.HP is pretty good anti-air. You just have to do it REALLY early that’s all. There’s 11 frame startup.

Break stock 720!

C is his best groove because he has some powerfully easy Level 2+1 supers. However, I use him in N and sometimes in K. If find that without a roll, he has a really hard time coming in on characters who have keep-away ammo, especially Sagat.

Here’s my take on his supers:

720 super:

There are a ton of 720 setups. Here is what you can do to grab your foes:

After the punch throw (83 pixels, baby!), go right into a jab Giant Bomb (Charge , ). You should stop just short of them as they wake up, at which time you can 720 them.

After a 360 throw, the same applies, but use a medium bomb instead, and back up a half step. You can grab them if they’re turtling, because they’ll be able to avoid it otherwise.

After a Jumping Lariat (+P), if you roll at the first moment you can, you can land what is virtually an unescapable 720. This one needs to be a level 3 to reach, though. Also, use this with caution, since landing the Lariat is hard to do.

The evil thing about these is that all of these, and all other possible 720 opportunities, is that you can replace them with a Fire Breath. This means that you’ll always have a 50-50 chance of landing a super. If they stay put, they’ll be thrown. If they jump trying to avoid the throw, you’ll flame them.

Fire Breath super:

After the combo bodyblow, you can end it with a Level 3 Fire Breath. However, if you land the strong or fierce versions of the Giant Bomb in the corner, they should popup high enough for you to get out the super, and it will connect. You can hit them out of the air with the Bomb and still throw the super out, it will juggle.

At level 3, it seems as if it’s got a crazy hitbox. If you’re in the corner and someone is trying to jump on top of you, the L3 Fire Breath will hit them. That’s right, even it they’re right above you, it will hit them.

No matter how late it connects, you’ll always get out every hit of the super. 3 for L1, 4 for L2 and 5 hits for L3.

Oh, and a tip from experience… always use jab to activate the super (unless you’re in C-Groove), because if for some reason you goof the hcb motions and the super doesn’t come out, you won’t be standing their with Raiden’s absymal Fierce poison breath recovery.

Crazy Train super:

The higher the level the super is, the more safe it is to do. The last hit is the Giant Bomb, and you recover from it almost instantly. You can try a 360 throw or just the punch throw at the end (and maybe even a 720 if you’re in N), but watch out for uppercuts.

The first hit does a massive amout of hitstun, so you can combo into the super from further away than you think you can. You’ll barely hit him on the first hit, then they’ll reel back so much that after the second (and sometimes third) hit whiffs, you’ll still keep the super going.

i love the fact that he is such a guard raper. and best of all, his punch special is retarded safe. and you can always mix up and try for the grab special. too sweet.

as for the 720 super, i rarely use it. people are so afraid of it they tend to fall for either his flame super or the crazy train super, both of which can be comboed into pretty easily. crouching medium kick into crazy train = death. and no one ever expects that so i always get cool points.

i LOVE to abuse the hell out of his jump in with down and fp. that move has so much priority. it rarely gets beaten outright without rc. if it trades, i don’t think any aa does more damage so better for me. if they block it, i keep crossing up with it until they get away or they get guard broken. for some reason, everyone i play is terrified of that simple ass tactic. i don’t know if anyone else has experienced this. i feel that so few people play him that most are mentally unprepared to face him.

if anything sucks about him, it has to be his match up vs sagat. his standing fp beats out pretty much everything raidens got. :mad:

Just a quick tip, his flame breath super is much easier for me to do by doing it in a 720 style motion, stopping at back and pushing lp.

I use him in C-groove as my R2, and I think he is pretty fun, but I have serious problems with Vega(claw) any tips? It seems like I spend half the match just trying to get in on his ass. Especially his mp, what can I do against it other than RC punch special?

i was toying with raiden with raiden today and i had ryu trained for jump in rh and then blocking immediately in training mode (walking backwards immediately).

i found that if i use c.fp EARLY it would snuff ryu’s leg everytime…when i get my stick fixed im going to try sagat and blanka’s rh. if it snuffs those when i do it early then its teh pwnage.

but past that, i also found that the rdp move rc’ed would hit ryu in the air and on the ground sometimes…and i was so shock that it would hit him on the ground like it had a tripgaurd effect.

ALSO, the move i thought was utterly useless, his regular dragon punch type slam…when i rc’ed it, it would take him out of his jump and slam that foo !

all of this was on normal jump though…still need answers for small hops, but rc rdp seems very effective.

i am running raiden in a-groove now and im about to bring this thread alive gd’it, so lets go!

hell yea lets make this thread alive again :rock:

i use him in K-groove because i love JDing people’s BnB combos and then 360 throw their face. he is also mad scary when he has a super in K with that plus dmg and all.

this man raiden has some 5o/5o supers heres a couple i do:

j.forward --> if it connects you do Crazy Train super. If he blocks do 720 super.

(im pretty sure this works in the corner.) c.lp RDP + HCB lp --> if it connects you can flamethrower. if he blocks you can 720 super.

lp. shoulder tackle–> if it hits flamethrower. if he blocks you can 720 super. (for the 720 throw to connect i think you have to hit him at the maximum range of your lp shoulder tackle.)

i just started to pick him up couple of weeks ago and he is way too fun. dizzies people so fast with his cross-over. (j.Down HP --> c.lp c.lp c.lp --> RDP + HCB p)x2 and 75% of the time your opponent is dizzy

good raiden to see is Desora. i think he won a tourney in japan with R4 raiden. sexyness

if you mean flamethrower as in his super it connects anywhere and any level after his BnB.

anyone got any punishing combo’s? ( i.e if you block a DP) because i cant consistently execute c.lp c.lp RDP + P bnb combo so, i just use s.strong RDP + P

i got a quick question. ive been playing lately and im having a hard time to Zone in with Raiden. I know he’s kinda more a tutle character. when i have a super in K-Groove. it is very difficult for me to get inside and close to the other guy because he playes keep away. any thouhghts or tips?

For doing c.lp c.lp RDP + P consistently, i use this dirty/scrubby/noobish shortcut, clp, clp, qcb+lk,qcb+P. The rdp will come out everytime, since raiden has no moves with qcb. Its really easy. Not to mention that clk or lk combo into rdp.

I have been picking c raiden recently and I really like him in my fun team.

Guys have any advice on the Match-ups and strategys for raiden? Sagat owns me for free. =(

Im actually enjoying Raiden a great deal, so I have been using him lately. What I would like if possible is for someone to either PM me or post a rundown of his basics, since this thread is mostly going on advanced stuff. Any tips would be appreciated, thx.

watch desora he’s prolly the best raiden out there imo.