I know this is a streetfighter sight, and alot of you ell probably be upset that I posted this up but hey, Its all in good fun! We gotta get the Mortal Kombat vs Streetfighter fued going on again!!! C’MON PEOPLE!!!1

True. A lot of people talk about Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken or Soul Calibur as a great feud, but SF VS. MK was the best feud since Mario vs. Sonic (or even better).

But Capcom Vs. SNK was a really serious fued because SFvsMK is stupid and baseless.

Anyway, I belive his name was Reiden and Raiden is that shoot 'em up game… And don’t come by telling me that “Rai” means thunder in Japanese, because I know that allready. Mortal Kombat tends to be Chinese and not Japanese, though.

And that pic ownz. Awsome pencil job.

I think it’s Raiden.

Oh yeah, nice pic man.