Rain City Grind @ Dorky's in Downtown Tacoma Dates TBA

The 253’s regular fighting game session.

Wednesday December 28th

Dorky’s Arcade
754 Pacific Ave
**Tacoma, WA 98402 **
All ages from 7pm-9pm. Under 21 will be booted at 9pm so the venue doesn’t get in trouble for having minors in a bar. (sometimes they let the youngins stay late so don’t bounce right at 9)

Games include SF4:AE and MvC3. We can accommodate other games given available set ups and demand.

Parking is free on the streets after 6pm and there is almost always a spot open within 2 blocks so do a few laps before paying to park in a lot.

We will set up in the Green Room in the back of the Arcade. Take a right when you walk in and go all the way around to the door by the DDR machine.

These are free casual sessions that will remain free as long as we all partake in some of their delicious (and cheap) food/drinks and play a few of there great games.

Rain City Round Robin is a new tourney that will be held at Dorkys from time to time. Buy in will $5. Payouts depend on number of entrants. This is a low stakes round robin designed to be a fun way to get together and generate some hype for the south side.

Respect each other, respect the venue, and respect the Grind.

See you there!

PS3 or Xbox?

Mostly Xbox. Depends on what set ups are provided really.

well i got a PS3 to bring if someone can bring a monitor…but ill play on xbox

ok. I’ll let you know if we need an extra console.

Hey, just wanna bump this up seeing as it’s tonight. I know it was last minute but I hope we can get some new faces out here. if you guys have any questions feel free to ask.

I didn’t see this thread until now (7:00). I’ll be there for the next one…

Great man. It was a small session but a lot of good players were there. There will be another in about 2 weeks

id love to make it to the next one, need some diversity in my practice partners.
Will it be on a wednesday again? I can either ask for the day off if known a week in advance or ask to be off by 6pm to be down there before 7, traffic depending.
I can bring my PS3, monitor and two sticks if needed.
Time for another ft5…been working on a closet character since being back from evo…

lol, hell ya man! it’ll be Wednesday after next so try to get the time off. even if you don’t 7 isn’t too late at all. I’ll give you more details later. can’t wait to see your new tech.

I’ll commit. I can bring my personal set up when I come.

I’ll let you know if we need it. I try to max out set ups to 3. I do want people to try to win so as to not have to give up their spot. Be glad to have you here man. we need other people to train with.

is the 19th official? I need to put my schedule requests in soon.

[LEFT]I live right up the road from Dorkies (off 12th and Union). How did I not know about this? I will definitely be there for the next session.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I can provide a 360+AE and MvC3 if you guys need it .[/LEFT]

He told us he didn’t want too many setups going at once to encourage us to try to hold our seats, but to be honest an extra one wouldn’t bother me personally cause I’m so new to the genre. I don’t have a copy of MVC3 at home, so I only get to play when I’m with other people. I hope another noob shows up that I can practice against. On another note, do any of you plan to pickup KoF13 next month? I know it coincides with Ultimate, but I’ve been waiting for it for a while. Been watching them Ranbats now and then.

You’re welcome to bring extra gear. If we can find a place for it we’ll set it up for sure. Another reason for topping it at 3 set ups is the amount of space. We set up in a smaller room in the back of the venue. It’s a little janky, but fitting for a training session of an underground activity like this. There isn’t much room so 3 set ups works well. Bring stuff if you want but if we can’t make room we can’t use it.

The 19th is official. We’ll be getting started around 6 given the set ups show up on time. It’ll run until 9pm for under 21s and until 11pm for the rest of us. Sometimes they’re cool and let the youngins hang until 11 so don’t be too hasty to bounce.

Also, I doubt KoF will be making a scene at my grind nights but more power to ya. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I will definitely be there.

To the lurkers:

Please come out and join us. We love it when new people come out and we love it even more when they can keep up. :wink:

couldnt make it last time but ill be there, hopefully there will be a ps3 set-up…but gettin a 360 stick soon cuz everyone out here plays on 360 mostly