Rain Of Evil

Chapter 1: Fighting For What It’s Worth

A breeze strolled by past the green lush leavs of the shrouded forest. The sun shined like gold as it floated endlessly in the cobalt sky. A brown trail of dust and dirt covered the only pathway in the jade labrinth, and footprints marked every step of the way. A lone man walked calmly throughout the lush atmosphere, and grinned happily at the sound of nature as eagles and doves sailed across the sky. The man was dressed in a tattere white karate gi, with no sleeves and no footwear. He wore red gloves and red hachimaki (headband). Also, his obi (sash) was black and his skin was light. He had dark brown hair and his muscles flexed themselves across his limbs. His name was Ryu.

He carried on walking until he paced to a ledge of a mountain, and soon the lush forset was replaced by rocky mountains. An obleisk stood on the edge of the cliff, and a brown duffle bag sat next to it. Ryu clenched his fist, and entered a training stance normally accustomed for Wing Chun; the horse stance. Calming his mind, he relaxed himself and felt his chi sourge through his enitre body. Now he needed to center the chi to his right fist, and after a while: he did, The chi was fully focused now, and his eyes were closed to ease the peace in his mind. Eventually, he opened his eyes with determination and plunged his fist forward into the stone obelisk. Nothing happened for a second, until it started crumbling and blasted out into pebbles and rubble. The toppling stones sped down the side of the mountain and crumbled away. The remains of the obelisk was now clear, as there was noting more than a chip now, lying with his duffle bag that had remained unscathed and unmoved. Ryu felt slightly proud and picked his duffle bag to continue walking. He took a picture out and it showed a frame of him, Ken and their master; Gouken.
“I must get stronger Master, and I will. I hope I make you proud, as this is what it’s worth to fight for. I have made friends, and they have made me stronger, as I also wish to strenghten those that need it as you taught me. The darkness in me has subsided for now, but I fear it will rage sometime soon, and when it does; I believe Akuma will come for his ‘cub’.” Ryu whispered to the picture, then he placed it back and took out a cell phone. No brand, but simple for calls. He dialled a number and a voice came on.
“Ryu! I see you’re finally using that phone I gave the money for. Tell me you got a decent one at least, some designer’s one buddy. Well, if not so, are you wearing those shoes I got you? Tell me you are, please? Anyway, what you calling for? Must be something interesting for you to use technology.” Ryu laughed, then replied to his friend.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell everything when I see you. I’ve been in Japan for a long time now, so I figured one thing.”
“What’s that then?” Asked the voice.
Ryu then went quiet, and then replied.
“I’m coming to America Ken.”

Chapter 2: The Hell Of Shadaloo
A bronze crimson sunset shone in the sky, and birds chirped wildly as they flew over the mountain of rubble that had once been the base of Shadaloo. A broad man searched through the scattered ruins in hope of finding clues for whatever he was looking for. The man wore a camo tanktop vest that clashed colours with the dogtag that dangled from his neck. He wore camo cargo pants that blended with his top, and military boots impeded the brute force of this soldier. Muscle rippled his arms and his pale skin. However, his most distinguishable feature was his blonde hair that stood rigid like a tower. Posing as a simple seargant’s flat top, it arched out further than most. The soldier picked out a comb from his pocket and brushed his hair back as he stiffened his hair even more, standing it out. He placed the comb back and picked out some shades, placing them on his eyes to guard against the divine light of the sun.

A radio buzzed off on a nearby table that had been set up for ideal recon purposes. The soldier walked to the intercom and spoke.
“Unit Bravo here, reporting for duty.”
“You don’t need to be so formal with me Guile. This is Interpol unit Chun Li. Nice to meet you.” Replied the voice.
“Oh, right! I apologise ma’am.”
“Guile…” Muttered Chun Li.
“Erm, sorry.” Apologised Guile.
“Accepted, now what have you found?”
“Nothing, no trace of Bison or his goons. The rubble’s destroyed everything that was once here, and any further scouting would require heavy assistance to move this ruin of junk. What about you?” Explained Guile.
“That’s a shame, but I understand. As for over here? Cammy has managed to find a lead on Vega, as he’s residing in Japan right now. Interpol will be hunting him down surely enough. But that’s all info I’ve uncovered right now, all other is restricted.” Replied Chun Li.
“Then I understand, looks like Bison may have finally been killed. God hoping.” Whispered Guile.
“You have to let that go, Charlie’s dead now, you have a family to take care of.”
“I know, I know. I’ll be on my way to China, just hang in there and be careful not to get into trouble.” Warned the soldier.
“Oh don’t worry you dope. I’ll be extra cautious, see you around Guile.” Laughed Chun Li.
“Affirmative. Over and out.” Guile shut the radio down and headed to his parked jeep. He drove off into the wild deserts to make it to an airport and then to China.

However, deep below the ruins of Shadaloo’s base, a lab was carefully hidden. While wrecked and damaged, the one thing that was stabilised was glowing pod that had green liquid in, holding with wires; the evil lord of Shadaloo himself, M. Bison.
The eyes of Bison opened quick, and then he laughed like Hell had escaped him.
“I live again, now I shall take full power of the Psycho Drive, and soon this world will be mine. Muhahahaha!”