Rainbow 6: Siege


Anybody play this? I’m new to this genre (I’m behind I know) and the whole tactical coop feels refreshing. I went into this like I was rush down boxer CoD/Halo FPS mentality and realize quickly what it isn’t. Now I want to look into playing the old ones.

Rainbow Six Siege - the 900(ms) IQ shooter

It’s a great game, I play on psn if you wanna add me fame_mcswagg




The old ones are good if you want that single player experience. Rainbow six vegas has held up pretty well imo, you should be able to score a copy for cheap on PC.

This version is pretty fun but its also pretty frustrating. If you go into ranked without a squad of three or more you are just asking for trouble. People without mics and people who play it like its COD, will get your squad bodied quick.


If you are on the Bone you get digital copies of Vegas 1 and 2 with a new copy which is cool. I have it on there, enjoying the game.

Its the most CoD R6 title yet but still a far cry from the mindless run and gun. Latest patch went a long way in helping the game.