Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Yeah the games been out for a while but I’m just now starting to get into this game Hardcore and I am loving it. I usually do Terrorist Hunt Co-op via X-Box Live.

And I was wondering if SRK plays R6V2? I’m looking for some teammates and I couldn’t think of anyone better than the peeps on SRK.

I used to play like mad back when I first got it, but ever since I picked up Call of Duty 4 I’ve been hooked on that like a skeezer on a coke bender. Anywhoo, yeah I’ll join you on R6V2 for a few rounds of terrorist huntin’ fun. Drop me a message when you’re gonna be on.

Vegas 2 owns it’s just too bad the weapon balance is awful. I pretty much instantly have respect for anyone who can perform well using anything other than FAMAS or MTAR, the worst part is it was exactly the same in Vegas 1 with FAMAS owning everything, ubi needs to get on the ball. I use mostly semi auto snipers, AUG, MP9 and sometimes I’ll bust out the 21E… btw dotting your screen is the way to go :wink:

Actually I just use the MP5/500 Tactical/ Raging Bull for T hunt. For Vs I stick with My MP5

But yeah it is really broken.

I only play T hunt when I dont have access to Live (aka when I’m at my house in the boondocks where they dont have high speed yet) I’ve never gotten any real satisfaction from killing A.I.