Rainbow Mika change requests (with ACTUAL community input)

What buffs or nerfs (if any) do you guys think she should get? I’m thinking that there’s a decent chance for another balance patch before the next CPT because season 2 has not been warmly received unless you main Laura or Rog.

My wishlist is this:

Reverse the nerf to the cr.HP. Make it +1 on block at max range again. The move has to be precisely spaced to be plus so I don’t understand why they nerfed it.

Reverse some of the nerfs to the Clap/Passion Press/Rope Throw. I’m fine with the mid-screen wall bounce being removed but they over-nerfed this move to the extreme. Give it back the range it had, make it come out at 6 frames again, and make getting a wall bounce in the corner more lenient. Right now if you’re a tiny bit out of that corner and you throw someone into it doesn’t count. I’m fine with it being massively negative on block. I personally think they whacked this move hard because of the option select people found with it.

Buff her sweep to 10 frame startup and slightly better recovery on whiff/block. I don’t know why Capcom is terrified of this move being good. It sucks that you can’t punish every sweep in the game like every other character. And because it’s so horribly unsafe on block there’s no reason to use unless you use it to beat Guile’s V-Skill, Laura’s charged fireball, or Gief’s charged HP. Or obviously you have V-Trigger ready. If they’re so terrified of it being good and she gets Oki from that then add more recovery on hit so she can’t go in.

Buff MK. There’s varying ways to make this move better so she can actually play footsies with top tier.
Solution 1: give it faster startup like 7 frames.
Solution 2: give it more range, something like Beta 2 range.
Solution 3: make it 0 on block instead of -3.

MK right now, and for most of the character’s existence, is a pretty garbage move. It’s a decent poke but it straight up loses to god pokes from characters like Necalli or Karin or Chun.

Faster recovery on the V-Skill. The idiots at Capcom thought that by giving you armor at frame 5 and make the buff carry over would make it useful which is horribly wrong. The problem with the V-Skill, and this has always been the problem with this move, is the recovery it has. You just cannot use it against in a vast majority of matchups. Almost every single character can punish it in some way. And you definitely can’t use it to absorb a fireball because the fireball zoners can still punish it. If you try to V-Skill a Hadou, Ryu can just dash in once and HK tatsu you. If you try to V-Skill a Boom, Guile can just dash in and jump Heavy you and even if you block that he can still pressure you.

Before anyone cries foul that buffing the V-Skill would make her stupid good against zoners you have to consider the change to white health regen in season 2.

Take away the buff to throws, give it faster recovery and/or the Mic comes out faster and has a bigger arc, and double the amount of pips of V-meter it builds.

*Edit: reverse the nerf to Mika’s EX Peach. Give her back the Oki she had in season 1.

Make super a legit reversal. I doubt they will ever do this but it would be nice. By extension, Laura and Vega should also be able to reversal with Super.


Reverse cr.HP nerf.
Reverse some of the nerfs to Clap/Passion Press/Rope Throw.
Buff her sweep.
Buff MK.
Buff the V-Skill.
Reverse the EX Peach nerf.
Maybe buff Super so it’s a legit reversal.

In addition: just to defend my opinion that the V-Skill should actually be usable as a decent counter to fullscreen fireball zoning.

I don’t think buffing the move to have better recovery would destroy fireball zoning. It would stop the runaway fireball zoning and against Guile it would just let him V-Skill Boom and get some chip and prod him to go in instead of running away.

Let’s take a look at Necalli for a second: this character has throw loops, can frame trap with his stomp, has mediums that are plus on block and allows him to mix you up for free if you lack a reversal, still does big damage, and he has a reversal. This character has a v-skill that almost completely shuts down fullscreen fireball zoning and seemingly no one complains about this move. But if Mika -a character that has far lower health than Necalli and lacks a reversal even with super- receives a buff that simply builds more meter, well that’s just considered terrible.

If you can’t use V-Skill as counter fireball you are either facing Daigo level fireball game, or you aren’t doing it at the right times. I successfully counter it in 90% of fireball situations with the new buff (before it was only like 80% but I’m stubborn). Letting it recover quicker might be nice but given you can use it as a pseudo meaty… well to be honest I think it’d be extremly broken at that point. White life changes don’t matter if Mika uses it as a meaty shoryu punish (and the armor change DID make this way more reliable btw) the white life gets slated clean. As it is the recovery is enough to prevent people from spamming it and keeps it as a shenanigan, which is pretty fair for an armored move.

The buff carry over even on hit is a god send. I don’t understand why your not giving that part more credit. It has made it a credible threat for anyone wanting to keep their life lead and not approach you. Before the slowness made it so that such opponents could get a light wiff punish in certain positions, but that is in many cases ‘worth it’ with the new modification. V skill was never made to be a giant tool like parry. Mika would be broken with that sort of thing. It was meant to make weaklings behave and make fireball users think twice.

Also it was not built for boom users in mind, Mika has plenty of better options against boom users since the fireball is slower and you can punish them easier.

Also Necalli is a character built specifically to ignore ranges and do what he pleases. He isn’t meant to be an oki monster like Mika and generally has to behave in situations most other grapplers don’t. His v-skill is there to make sure zoners aren’t idiots like Mika, but unlike Mika he doesn’t need his to ‘draw them in’. They are for different ‘audience’. Your comparing apples to oranges and not really thinking about over all design.

Tl;DR Stop whining about V-Skill. If it were any better Mika would be 6-4 against shotos which is absurd given her character archtype. It’s perfectly balanced at the moment.

1- Make st.LP combo from cr.LP or cr.LK again.

2- Increase the range on F.MK.

3- More range on st.HP.

4- A little bit faster walkspeed.

That is it.

I would just want few frame data changes and one tweek

Make cr.mk counter hit into ex butt always work.

Make her hk non charge come out a little faster (noncharge)

Make ex butt a little more plus +2 on hit maybe would help a bunch

Cr.hp at 0 on block

*Bring the old c.mp back. The mini jump stuff made her unique!

*Add more juggle points to j.mp. Now it seems a very situational tool. Its combo potential is pretty meh, as well as its time is very restrict. Perhaps being possible to combo from lady Mika (not only after a cc like is now) might open it to new buffet of combos and mixups.

*The wall bounce was really fun. I agree with James Chen: maybe they should reload it not being a strong corner carry anymore (fixing in this case ex peach juggle, since ending a combo with wingless will make Mika switch side, which is good for damage, but bad for the pressure). Actually it’d be focused on a useful midscreen move to more combos, resets and whatever, thanks to its juggle properties.

*–>+ s.mk should link into ca.

*reverse the s.mp hurtbox nerf.

*Nadeshiko shouldn’t attack you if Mika is in stun period. It’s a fair nerf imo.

I skimmed through this text wall but this bit of nonsense made me laugh. You do realize that Necalli has the scariest Oki in the game when he’s in V-Trigger or he gets you in the corner. You probably didn’t realize that when you wrote that nonsense.

I can’t believe someone actually typed out that Necalli doesn’t have Oki like Mika. I face palmed hard when reading that. Oh boy. I can only assume that this guy either doesn’t play the game at all or lives on another planet.

I’m seeing a lot of other decent suggestions from non-retarded people. I don’t know if HP needs more range, I think it needs to be safer on block, but giving it more range might work out since it’s a 7 frame move and Mika is surely lacking in good pokes.

You seem to be a little… V-triggered. So I’ll leave you to it.

Nice dodge, breh.

they should reverse the nerf to Mika’s signature / fun tools, that makes mika… mika.

the nerf to Passion press is way too harsh, it should be either remove the wall bounce or make it slow or make it completely unsafe, not everything stacked together, making it almost not worth using.

Cr. MP being grounded, hell they gave Akuma a similar tool, except it’s safe on block AND can be linked into on hit for more damage, so why remove Mika’s.

Cr HP nerf is also pretty significant, that’s taking away one of her ‘get in’ tools, not to mention Guile’s bazooka knee just got buffed and when used at max range will end up being +2 on block, so why take away mika’s Cr. HP.

Ex peach having extra recovery really screws up her pressure game as well.

If by perfectly balanced you mean perfectly shit then you’re correct. Gray life recovers insanely slowly. You cannot absorb more than one fireball with VS before the amount of gray life you’re carrying becomes a massive liability. Meaning that it’s not an especially useful tool against shotos (or anyone really). As an example, in a match this evening I absorbed two fireballs, had my next attack V-Reversaled and even after running away for a bit to try to let that shit recover still ended up getting thrown (keeping in my how much throw damage has been nerfed) for nearly 1/4 of my life. Mika’s V-Skill was a liability in S1 and due to the fact that its recovery is still trash it’s still a liability in S2.

How is V-Skill so good against shotos? Is it for the fireball game? Because every single character with a fireball can punish Mika’s mic from full screen without risking themselves to any mixup.

Is it because you can absorb a reversal DP? The ones that are all EX now? So you mean Ryu only b/c all other DP are multi-hit? Or what about if they just wake up and throw you? Or give you any of their 2 hit normals? Or simply c.mk hadouken? Because the recovery is crap, you’re risking more than you’re getting. The only scenario that her v-skill helps with is if you stun your opponent at the end of a long combo, because you can trade 1 highly scaled combo hit for either 1) reset to a throw (or threaten throw) or 2) boost up CA damage and link mic mp hp ca since the CA counters combo scaling.

Ironically both of these are a bit worse with the patch because they lowered the 1st buff of the skill… The 2nd + buffs take so long it is literally a joke anyway. Trash is trash, don’t act like its some low tier gem.

Nobus meant to quote that other guy who insisted in his sperg essay that the V-Skill was good.

The V-Skill has always been ass and even characters without fireballs can easily punish it.

One other buff/reversal I’d like is the oki from EX Peach back. I am of the philosophy that if you spend meter and it hits the opponent that you should be rewarded with Oki for using your resources.

double post.

That was my point. It isn’t. At all. The best (and I use that term very loosely) use I’ve found for VS is against Balrog players at certain ranges (see also: not near them) when they aren’t sitting on meter.

I was pretty sure I had and I’m not sure how it stuck the wrong name in the quote. Will fix.

Nah, it isn’t that great against shotos, right now it is only ok. If it WERE better, however, it would be and that was more so my point. Sorry if I sounded misleading irt it. Though I will point out that most V-Skills by design are unsafe. It’d be like Urien players asking for theirs to have armor during activation or Bison players asking for his to activate in 2f. V-Skills (other than Karin, maybe Sim, sort of Laura) aren’t really ‘safe things’, they are ways to boost you when you see an opportunity.

Your analogy is wrong. Urien can do V-Skill because he has a fireball and an Aegis to keep people out. Bison’s V-Skill is pretty much exclusively for the fullscreen fireball game and they buffed it so it’s actually worth a damn now. Does Mika have a fireball or anything like that so she can safely V-Skill? Nope. Technically you can call out Nadeshiko to do a V-Skill, ya’ know, if you’re retarded or something.

V-Skill is not even OK against shotos. The change to grey life alone makes using the move a liability and that’s assuming that your opponent doesn’t fuck you up during the recovery. Guile, for example, can hit you with an EX boom during the VS recovery from full screen. Sure, there are ways to take advantage of the (nerfed) boost but there’s never a situation where using VS is the best option you have. Never. The move exists to troll people, situational stun combos and to get you killed. That’s it and that’s what makes it the worst VS in the game as at least with Fang the poison cloud recovers quickly enough that using it isn’t an actual liability.

Ryu has the easiest time punishing V-Skill. If you dare to V-Skill a Hadouken, and this is if you do it as soon as the fireball comes out, all Ryu has to do is dash in once and HK Tatsu you. With Ken, the timing is a little tighter, but he can just dash in and jump EX Tatsu you. He can probably punish with command run or some other BS too. Guile can still punish a HP boom with jump in Heavy. Or he could do a V-Skill Boom for free pressure. Sim can just teleport to punish your ass big time. It isn’t possible against Laura because of her V-Skill Dash. Nash can Moonsault you or do V-Trigger teleport for a full punish. He could probably still dash in and MK Scythe you. Urien can kind of punish with the Knee Drop and you really don’t want Urien on top of you.

The fireball characters where you can get away with it are:

Chun Li. And that’s if she’s doing the fullscreen fireball game where the Kikoken won’t hit you but you can V-Skill to get a pip of V-meter and get a buff. She can still punish if she has super.

Fang if he doesn’t have any EX to use. You can do it against his Down<Up Fireball, whatever it’s called, you don’t take much damage so I feel it’s kind of worth it. If Fang has EX he can punish with his EX Slide into throw or BNB.

Let it be known now and forever: the V-Skill is ass.

Honestly V-Skill doesn’t seem like it has a lot of fans around here. Forget the mic. If you could have anything you want, what do you want R.Mika’s V-Skill to be like?