Rainbow Six Siege - the 900(ms) IQ shooter


With the 2nd birthday of the Ubisoft shooter coming soon (and another year of support at least to come) it’s maybe time to talk about this amazing FPS!
This thread is gonna be mainly about Siege but if people wish it they can also use it to talk about other Rainbow Six material.

Presentation of Operation White Noise (incoming for everyone on December 12th):



Year 3 roadmap:



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So today I finished the Ubisoft Club challenge to get Black Eye charm. In the process I found out that Valkyrie is a very fun operator with amazing weapons that is also very good if you want to learn the maps. I usually played Mute or Smoke but I might’ve really found a defense op that I enjoy. Her and Sledge are right now my two most favorite picks.

What are everyone’s main/favorite operators and why?
Also, for anyone who played the TTS, what are your opinions on the upcoming operators and the new map?


Valk is really fun, she gives an impression to find what are the good spots overtime for camera placements (kinda like applying training mode stuff in fighting games, but instead it’s to find what are the good spots). The only thing I dislike was a recent change in the Blood Orchid patch where you cannot stick cams on top of the fans anymore (it now falls off as if it doesn’t stick at all). Ela and Lesion kind of is in the same boat since you could make planned peak points using the trap as a signal.

Thatcher is probably my original favorite along with Mute (even though Mute might be lacking in comparison to Bandit in some cases), but I just about had fun with almost all of the ops really (aside the ones that are questionable for overall effect in the team in current meta).

My older brother uses Sledge a lot and likes him mostly as well. He can breach downward (mostly for open sights) much more than Buck could and has a uzi as a side, so that’s pretty cool (the L85A2 is decent too). The only cons is that Sledge is more practical in being areas “above” the objective with a breaching point… so you have some users that will end up choosing Buck over Sledge for versatility and quick recovery upon using his special gadget (while losing the Uzi/amount of breaching).


I think I’ve put around 25+ hours into the game (I’m a level 40 scrub) currently. In the past, I’ve always wanted to try it but I was put off by the steep learning curve the game came with. However, after watching some Macie Jay clips and tournament streams, I decided to give Siege a try and have enjoyed playing ever since.

Siege has come to be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating shooters I’ve played in the last few years; it’s like CS but for functional adults.

I tend to run Thatcher the most on attack because of the utility of his EMP grenades, though I’m not a fan of his weapons. Hibana, Blitz, and Buck are fun, too. For defense, I like Smoke, Ela and Kapkan. I’ve started playing Mira a lot more and I really, REALLY enjoy her kit.

I will say, Siege feels very defender-favorable right now. A lot of the defenders have very powerful kits and a lot of them are very high tier because of it. That’s why I’m looking forward to Dokkaebi and Zofia.


I like watching this game on stream, it is a good watch.


When all else fails on attack, 3-speed it to win it.

Some information stuff:

Drone spots:
Theme Park: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/7gjeqs/useful_drone_spot_on_theme_park/

Grenade spot above “Offices” in Border map: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/7glz0v/common_defender_spots_to_nade/


Main Ash and Ela. I do like Ying/Twitch too.

But I fucking suck at the game. Thank goodness I’m using a girl’s name so everyone says it’s alright when I go 0 kills and 3 deaths (or 5)

I can’t deal with the pressure if I’m the last man standing in my team.

Is there like a guide on how to play the game? Like a video/article to read?


About to break into plat from gold on Pc :slight_smile:

Created a smurf to teach my friend but damn there’s too much to teach
The learning curve on top of learning the maps is steep as hell

I play in order if not taken
Twitch, hibana, buck
Smoke, doc, jaeger

Hibana, thatcher, ying
Smoke, Mira, mute

Defenders feel strong at the lower levels but learn how to drone effectively and use smokes
Smokes are strong in this game
Learn the maps and don’t scan with drones

Ar33 and l86 on thatcher are extremely good
L86 one of the top guns in the game

I heard the new map isn’t great
There are too many walls and not enough barricades
More maze than other maps

Introduction of passives are not the right way to go

I think ops should just have their guns and their gadgets/abilities

Passives shouldn’t exist


I think I read some stats showing that most maps have a 55% wr on defense.

I had a game like this earlier where I ended 1v3 on defense as Echo. I managed to clutch it out thanks to my teammates who made very good call outs to tell me where the remaining enemies were located. I probably wouldn’t have survived though if the enemy team rushed me in a single push.
Unfortunately we ended up losing because one guy in the other team was clearly either a smurf or a cheater and was just spawn killing all my teammates (he ended up with 19 kills when his teammates got a total of 1).

I recommend you to watch some guides with beginner tips on youtube. I personally found this video interesting if you want to learn the basics of all operators up to year 1 + a good starting loadout:


A lot of the pro teams are starting to run Glaz with smokes because of how powerful the smoke grenades are.

Also, the new pistol rework is pretty cool, I guess. Cav is probably going to get picked a lot more now since the recoil makes it feel like a laser beam.



Good lord that kick back is non existent on Cav. Welp, give me an excuse to get back on Jackal I guess…


Why are smokes so strong? I know they are with Glaz because of his thermal visor, but why are they strong in this game in particular?


I’m still playing this game. I posted [this](Rainbow 6: Siege 2 years ago, and got lukewarm responses. I still feel like it’s an underrated shooter that I prefer over Overwatch/CoD. I’m glad OP is posting information about it again.


Smokes are extremely strong in csgo as well except both teams are able to use them
They block off pathways, line of sites, hide bomb plants, cut off line of sight, etc

They’re even more so in siege because the bomb/secure/hostage sites are in a much smaller area compared to csgo large sites

A defender in the corner or hallway getting smoked out is just as good as dead for 5 seconds
smoke plants are also strong because of glaz
smokes can help your team free entry especially with the help with drones
Deny entry into site or room


There was a buff to the smoke grenade that made the smoke itself completely obscure the area rather than make it partially see-through. Also, the TTK in this game is very fast. When you have a character like Glaz who can see through the smoke, then you have a recipe for disaster for the defender team.


Old video but still applies
Ubisoft already addressed the client side smoke issue
A while back
Also when you throw smokes, only throw them in front of you if you’re trying to glaz or plant
Other than that you should try to smoke as close to the enemy as possible or the doorway that they are coming through or watching from


Siege school playlist


Also going 0-3 isn’t so bad as long as you did your job and helped support your team in their win

0-5 is a different story though

There were times where me or my friends have gone 0-3 or 1-4 but we still did our job in smoking properly, breaching reinforced walls/hatches, taking out important traps/jammers, and making good call outs


I desperately tried to find a thread about the game on the forum but I couldn’t find it. Anyway the game got massively improved over 2 years AFAIK, so I guess many people like myself could start being interested in it once again.
Following the lack of direction in current OW I needed another class-based shooter that wasn’t too similar to the former (i.e. not Paladins). I’m loving the complexity of this game, the amount of creativity you can put into winning a round and the fact you are able to take your time and plan what you’re gonna do beforehand. It’s both simple enough to understand and very vast in terms of the amount of things you have to learn to be able to play properly.


I wanna get this game but its been like 2 years and its still $60…piss off


Starter edition is $15
Standard is $40

Black Friday it was $7.50 and $17 for more than a week
Ultimate edition was $44
I don’t think you want it as much as you say you do