Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Interested In Boosting Online Achievements?

I’ll be boosting for the online achievements with another SRK member (Noa).

We’re looking for other SRK guys who are interested in getting the achievements outta the way, while having a fun casual time just shooting the breeze.

We can also play vs games against people online, or develop strategies if we get bored from boosting.

If you’re interested, send a message and friend request to either one of us at:

Gamertag: mastercheng
Gamertag: Boss F1ght

Remember to say that you’re from SRK, otherwise I usually delete random friend requests.


I be down too, so you can send a FR to R l C or myself. My GT is Boss F1ght. I usually delete random FR too so state that you’re from SRK pless.

Sure I will go for it.

i think we just need the bomb and hostages ones, but i’m not sure how to set up the game types. I know they’re attack and defend but how set it to plant and defuse a bomb or retrive hostages.

I haven’t tried it myself, but my guess would be that maybe there’s a setting the host can toggle between? If there’s not it, then my next guess would be that there are different modes for different maps ?


My second guess is correct. Each map has a pre-determined mode.

I’m up for it if you still need another person. My gamertag is SuperTerorizor but I’ll send you a message. I just got the game recently and right now I’m working on beating the game on realistic.