RainbowSix Vegas PS3

Did a search and no thread.

So, anyone else play this? I just bought it and about to go online and check it out.

I couldn’t get into this game, mainly because this is a tactical shooter and not a standard FPS.

The online aspect is what allured me to this game, but I was pretty disappointed with the lack of cooperation and subpar game lobby. There were certain game types that no one was playing and there’s no way to know unless you get tired of waiting.

Also, the onscreen text is so small (I don’t have a 4" X 4" mind you) that I couldn’t tell who I killed (on the very rare occasion) and who killed me.

I don’t know, this really isn’t my type of game and I really didn’t have the patience for it. I honestly don’t think this game is better than Resistance on an aesthetic level in any way.

Hell, even the graphics looked last gen to me and this is supposed to be a port of the 360 version.

The online is HELLA laggy. However, I feel like this game makes me better at First Person Shooters. After playing this game I was really busting it up in some Resistance.

This game plays so differently than Resistance that the only thing I could see that you could improve upon is sniping and hiding. It’s also funny that R6V lags but I can play a RFOM game, with 40 players, hosted in Japan and there’s not a hint of lag.

The only tactical game I might want to try is the new Socom that’s coming out later this year. But as far as FPSs go, I’m definitely checking out Killzone 2, Unreal 3 and Haze. I’m sure the online on all three will be killer.

I’m really looking foward to Unreal 3. I personally loved the melee combat in the last one for xbox.

It improves my sniping IMMENSELEY (looky my psn id). I usually only play Sniper Custom Matches when I’m online.