Raise your game in MvC 2: (ON HOLD)

Yo Marvelheads,

Yep, I can hear the naysayers already. Didn’t you do some shit like this for SF4 with Justin? Yes, and until he stopped showing up, it was getting very positive reviews. Even after I discontinued the service, some people told me that they hoped to see something similar in the future.

Well, it just happens that SooMighty is interested (and committed) to teaching people Marvel. Again, this isn’t for people who are flat out new at the game. This is for people who understand the mechanics of the game. Neither is it for people who need to ask the question “If I beat him, do I get a refund”? This isn’t for people who already good. This isn’t for people who already have a good scene that can help sharpen their skills. However, if none of the above apply to you, this can definitely help you out. Do not expect (nor is it advertised) that SooMighty will turn you into a champion. But, not everyone learns the same way. Some can learn from just playing the game with others competitively, and figure out for themselves what to do. Some can learn by reading a strategy guide/tutorial. But some (like me) learn by people showing them what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and most importantly, what to do next.

The instructions on how to sign up are here (registration required). The fee is $10 for 10 matches; Soo will give you advice/tips/observations live during the matches. He will also answer any questions you might have about the game.

Of course, I’ll answer any questions you might have.

P.S. If you don’t know who SooMighty is, he’s considered one of the best OG players in Marvel vs Capcom 2. He took 5th (out of 240+ entries) at this year’s Evolution World Tournament.

Edit: 8.26.09 - Soo had some real life issues that came up, so he’s unable to do the tutoring service for the time being. I might have a replacement that’s equally as talented, so I keep you guys informed.

The Soo that beat Justin Wong: [media=youtube]jIDCSsBVH9M[/media]

i remember soo beating justin at evo a couple years back… that was hype


it was actually evo 2003 ECvsWC team 5v5 team tourney… i believe it was a meaningless match (iirc) Jwong won evo 2003 and EC already won the team tourney… soooo yeah… the debate goes on on whether or not JWong was sandbagging or not…
(just the background)
props to soo’s mvc2 career though, not taking away from his massive skill, he is definately one of the top mvc2 players now and way back then.

ok let me get this straight, i pay $10… …

what if i WoOP so, will you give me $10? (jk)

Make sure you record it :wink:

where is the $10 going?

this would not be fun for people on the other side of the country…Soo’s magneto warping? hellll no! but WC and surrounding areas should be good.

Soo and I split it. I have no idea what Soo will do his money, but he’s struggling just like I am. I think it’s probably going into an interest-bearing account.

aww, but it’d be so fun to watch your character bouncing around like a Ping Pong ball and not knowing where it’s coming from.

Actually the WC team won convincingly.

My favorite soo match is him vs junior B. check it out:



No ps3 c’mon

Ben!! Sorry about the lack of response to your messages.

Anyways, I don’t need the money. The money can go to charity or whatever Ben wants to do with it.
If I can help someone, why not do it?
Problem is I work 10-11 hour shifts Mon-Fri. Weekends I’m usually off into space and unreachable.
There literally aren’t enough hours in the day for me to be able to do anything like this at the moment.
When I can fit something like this into my schedule, I’ll bark at you Ben.
And hopefully I can help you out with this idea of yours.