Rally Alley: ACME [Set up needs more love! Price change read first post!]


Rally Alley: ACME

UPDATE!!! Price has been lowered to 75cents!

Okay so its been been a while since this thing has been updated but AE is at Acme! and it seems Monday was the day to go for a huge group of people but last week there were literally 4 people who showed up. And according to ‘mvco’ the set up is “not getting much love”. I’ve been going as many days as I can, shoot last monday I threw $15 in there and I haven’t even gotten paid from my new job yet -.- but I guess what I’m trying to say is, a large amount of the community wanted this set up and we were super hype for it and now after about a month or so? of it being here the interest to come out and play, doesn’t seem to be there, but thats just from what I’ve seen I’m not saying this is true cause I know everyones got their own lives and have their own priorities but if he’s saying that its not gettin the love it deserves I think we should definitely show it. So if you’re free at all and have some time to come down to Acme and play, come out and show this set up some love :). I know I might get blasted for postin this up, but this is just me blabbering. :stuck_out_tongue:

AcmeBowl Open to Close Times:
Monday 3pm-11pm (Monday Night Fights)
Tue-Thu 11am-11pm
Friday 11am-1am
Saturday 9am-1am
Sunday 9am-11pm.


A lot of us do Sushiland every other Tuesday then acme that evening…


aha dang =/ well that shows how aware i am with the northwest community xD, tuesdays =/ are just not a great day for me lol xD but i’m definitely gonna check that out thanx =) and just a question will you guys be there today? o.O


yup in about an hour


good games to Jason Cole at ACME haha been a year since i’ve played you and your still sik haha, need to step my game up major before i can play on the same level haha but still good games




yup southtown revival yes I posted


Okay so tomorrow is the day we get to see if it is really happening :slight_smile:


I spoke to Bill yesterday and he is still waiting to hear back from Japan that the AE boards have shipped. He has Japanese ST Board and the cabs are modded for when it gets here. While he hasn’t heard anything yet, I am assuming everything going on in Japan probably plays some part in it.


Brent do you have any info on the ST cab? What kind of cab is it? Also, is it on location yet? If so I will go TONIGHT.


Not on location yet. I don’t think it is a Viewlix, but it will have Sanwa parts and a Viewlix layout.


Yeah i’m sure the relief is much more important at the moment and I don’t mind waiting :slight_smile: if possible would there be a way to help out with the relief effort and involve the AE cabs?


You should connect with Kriangkrai, he is already doing something for Japan relief with paper cranes and fundraising.


So umm, April fools on the AE cabinet? ETA of when it’ll be there?


This is the current situation. I will email Bill this week and see if he has heard anything. He might just post here if he gets any news.


im down to play @ southtown!! its 8 min from home, and 5 min from work.

I say me and another southtown Gief player team up for the first team tourney : Team Space Gieffin’


Hey everyone, no April fools joke here. Shipping is delayed, Brent will be the first to know when we have a shipping confirmation so he can keep you all in the loop.
We did pick up a SF Super Turbo and are getting that ready now.


Definitely glad to hear that this is no joke and I’m sure I am not the only one excited :slight_smile:


I was just playing around with my post Bill. I know you’re in it for our benefit primarily and I thank you a lot (though it doesn’t mean much I’m sure). Can’t wait to start going back to my roots man! I was a big supporter at Narrows and would get together every Monday with friends to play SF4…such great memories man…honestly some of my fondest memories in my life came from those times.

Thanks for everything you do, and I can’t wait to start having more great memories at Acme Bill. Take care and best wishes.


Bill just let me know that Capcom should be shipping the AE kit out sometime this week. They only had enough kits to ship about half the orders before now. Once he gets a tracking number, he’ll be able to know when it’s getting here.