Ram: dual channel, uneven ram

okay, my old rig has 2gb (2x1gb dual channel) of ram in it. if i put in 4gb (2x2gb dual channel) of extra ram, will there be any performance hit, given if they are both 800mhz (pc2 6400)? i assume they will run at 800 still. but does the unevenness of the 2 dual channel kits have any effect?

also, does ram slot order matter (slot 0, slot 1, etc…)?

I wouldn’t think so. By the way which os are you using on your rig?

windows xp (64-bit) atm… i’ll be switching to windows 7 beta once i add the extra ram…

i have win7 running on my laptop… and yes, it’s stable enough for me to make it my primary and only os =P

Your RAM will run at the slowest speed of one of the chips.

So as long as they are the same speed none will run slower.

As for the Dimm slots, yes they matter. Check your mobo manual to see where you have to place them.

Most use certain slots to run together, so for example 1 and 3 would run together, 2 and 4 would run together. So you’ll have your 2x1GB in the 1 and 3 Dimm and your 2x2GB in your 2 and 4.

Your manual will tell you all of the accepted layouts. And you’ll also need to check for the maximum RAM capacity, if you exceed that none of this will matter (though firmware updates might change that).

cool thanks… good to know