I’m new to installing ram so i want 2gb of ram on my computer what should i look for
Is there specific types of rams?
and are they cheap?

Type: SDRAM, DDR, DDR 2, DDR 3.

[]From early 90’s to 98-ish: SDRAM
]From 98 to late 03-ish(?): DDR
[]From 04 to present: DDR2
]Bleeding-edge, brand-smackin’ new (and awfully expensive): DDR3
Check your board specs to be sure…

Speed Rating: Check board specs, but slower speeds are okay for everyday computing (and gaming too, if you are not a perfectionist) and your boards will auto-adjust to the slower speed.

Configuration: You want to install the sticks in pairs in order to take advantage of dual-channel memory functions (fast memory addressing, but only as fast as your CPU can process it once it receives the data), so for 2 gigs, you need to get either two 1-gig sticks or four 512MB sticks, depending on what your board will accommodate.

Brand: G-skill, Mushkin, Corsair are the brands I personally endorse. Be sure to research your system boards with the PC manufacturer for compatibility.

Price: Legacy (old) stuff currently costs more than the current stuff because it is no longer in production. Building a new system might end up being more economic for you, depending on what your goals are. DDR3 is 'spensive. 'Spensive and unnecessary unless you’re trying to play brand new games at full frame rate, in which case you’ll need a whole lot more 'spensive stuff in order to reach that goal. Find out what you need and check online (Newegg.com, Tigerdirect.com, Pricewatch.com, etc…) for prices.

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