Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak brothers (and sisters?)! Be strong, stay strong!

hakuna matata to you too!


This thread won’t end well.

If you don’t have anything constructive or pleasant to post, troll elsewhere please people…

Mods, help me out here…

walakum salam

Yeah mods, help him out! Lock this thread. This is blatant flame bait.


Ramadan Mubarak, let’s make this one a good one insha’Allah :slight_smile:

Except “Merry Christmas” these days just means “happy holidays”. Christmas isn’t even a religious holiday anymore. Yes, its orgins are from religion, but Christmas is nothing more than a commercialized beast these days anyways.

Yeah, Christmas hasn’t been centered on the birth of Jesus in years. Big business put him on the back burner a long time ago. :rofl:

thats even sadder than religious holidays.

Ramadan Mubarak to all. Gotta start fasting from 4:31am to 8:30pm tomorrow.

What is your guys’ diet like before sunrise? My plan is to load up on carbohydrates and sugar, down a protein shake and a lot of water. I did that this morning and it’s working out pretty well so far.

I just got done with Jiu Jitsu training not too long ago and I feel great, but we’ll see how I feel 8 hours down the line :lol: .

At night time I eat whatever I want, but in the morning I’m very selective. I eat primarily a can of tuna with dates and a couple pieces of fruit. I also take vitamin pills. I avoid anything warm or anything that will dehydrate me during the day. Basically, you have to eat and eat a lot.

I’m not sure how you can do Jiu-Jitsu training and fast. Energy expenditure should be kept to a minimum in my opinion.

Whoa, I had no idea you guys were Jewish.

When do you guys get to break out the dradle? Is that before or after the Feats of Strength?

Wait, what holiday is celebrated with Feats of Strength? That sounds pretty awesome.

I know it’s right after the Airing of Grievances - I want to say Islam, but I’m not an expert on Celtic culture.

As a fasting muslim I don’t think this thread is a good idea considering how much potential it has to go downhill. I don’t know what sucks more to not eat or drink or not be able to play as much basketball as I want.

Sad to see Muslims can’t try and connect during Ramadan without constant disrespect.

Anyways my diet in the morning is pretty much a sandwich or 2, some fruit, and lots and lots of drinks. During Iftar I eat whatever my mom makes and stay eating whatevers available during the evening.

Since when does every topic have to relate to everyone? No one is trying to make a point to the rest of the world about fasting just like how the guy who make the naruto thread isn’t making a point to the rest of the world that he likes naruto. Muslims just want to wish fellow muslim a blessed month, and maybe talk about it.

It’s the general discussion forums with threads about whatever. If it relates to you or interests you, enter, if not, don’t enter. No one is shoving anything in anyones face aside from the anti-religion/Islam crew shoving their hatred in our faces.

WHy can’t you play as much as you want?

I do almost exactly the same things before and during Ramadhan, omitting the things I am explicitly not supposed to do.

I don’t eat in the morning. I might drink. Otherwise, I’ll just last with whatever I had last night.