RAMnation presents: Tyram's House Tournament 7/12/08

Back by Popular Demand!

well I have herd a bunch of talk about how people want to see another Ram tourney because of it obviously being console and of course the enormous amount of HYPE as well. I talked it over with my folks and they gave me the ok:tup: on one more house tourney before I move. Mark those calenders everyone! I’m sure that this tourney will be one to remember!!!


**CVS2 Host- Tyram
MVC2 Host- Tharimrattler
GGXX AC Host - Checkerpatch
Super turbo Host - Spider-Dan if he is there
3s - Blk_Brotha
Brawl - Oliver

#####BRAWL RULES########################

Entry Fee: $5 each!

**NOTE: I have 6 games up here for tournaments but because of events in the past i have VERY little faith in certain games even having a tourney so i am not worried what so ever. Even if we happen to have a 6 game tourney actually happen don’t worry guys I will be well prepared.

Here is how my set up will be.

3 Gmes (ST, Brawl and 3s) will be in the garage area of my house.

3 games (Cvs2, Mvc2, and GGXX AC ) will be held in the back area like last time at my place.


If a tourney doesn’t happen for a game you are free to play casual whatever only if we need the other tv’s to help out the other games that are involved with the tourney.

So now i ask for players to please BYOS and tv’s if possible. We may not even need the tv or the console you bring but it is better to be safe then sorry.


Date: July 12th 2008

Sign ups will start at noon and will end at 3 and NO LATER then that time!


2428 Sunrise dr.
Fairfield Ca, 94533

Pm me here if you need more info.

Hope to see you all there and good luck!


**note: information is subject to change


also fixed

fix your text under your handle to “Team Free” k thanks.

With all due respect, you’re great at CVS2 but stop making yourself look retarded by playing any non-CVS2 game.

How about you win a money match every once in a while?

NGBC!!! lets go.

and i won a MM in Magic at regionals over the weekend. I beat dude 2-0 so thanks again sir.

Ram, you think casuals will start around 8 or 9 and gonna end …whatever time? i won’t make it for the tourney, but will make it the time i came last week.

yeah but the gathering has been moved to Sat this week because i have orientation at Sac this Friday.

oh crap, i thought it was on june 12 for this posting. lol. its all good for this week then. hopefully next week. =)

since its console ill show up wasnt feelin those tilt sticks so u no ill be there for console


The last two Fairfield Console tourneys were off the hook.

Hey ram, if you’re gonna run super turbo you should replace those sticks on your CPS Cab

Bring your A Game to this one folks.

i like how we (team serious) r voting for the games we play the most.

mackey= accent core
cj= kofxi
paul(me)= arcana hearts full

jiangs prolly gonna vote for arcana, rays prolly gonna vote for brawl and mikels prolly gonna vote for accent core.


Fuck Arcana, GGAC is life!

Rep that Guilty Gear!

niggaz should only vote in the poll if they actually plan on going, otherwise its just a popularity contest.

I agree,

Please only vote if you actually plan on attending that way its fair to people who are actually going to go who have a chance to see another one of there games make the cut. Thanks for understanding everyone!


I’m the one who’s mad because I CAN’T vote for Arcana and GGAC. :sad:

But I really want to see a GGAC tournament so we can possibly have a lot of people come out for it.

Regardless, I’m making sure to bring a TV cause I’ll throw a side tourney for Arcana if the interest is there. :wgrin:

I definitely want a GGAC tourney too, I wanna see a lot of heads come out for it and get some good competition.
I’d be down for some Arcana on the side, but Tone or Checker would have to show me the ropes :sweat:

Flattered, but Tone and I actually do nothing but play P3/Shmups/Idolmaster all day. So we really don’t know what we’re doing either.

The game is actually like killer instinct, whatever combos you see take no more than 3-4 inputs to pull off.

i’m in.

well u know im down for arcana. i would play guilty gear agan but i cantplay that game for shit.

plus i wont have much time to practice cuz i play P3FES every day like my life depends on it. fuckin game is crack man

Dinosaur/WooGODLy vs Larry/Tinh REMATCH. LET’s DO IT.