RAMnation presents: Tyram's House Tournament 7/12/08

woo = gdlk

norcal = beastly marvel

Just a reminder,

those who plan on attending the weekly gatherings at RAMnation this week’s gathering will be on Saturday after the Fairfield Tilt Tourney At my house as usual.

$1 Tourney as usual cvs2 and mvc2

If I also can I will have the hd remix BETA set up in the garage so we can play that shit too!!!

last weeks gathering produced 14 cvs entries and 11 mvc2 entries. Every week this shit gets bigger. Come on through if you like.


Count me in if GGAC makes the cut.

is it going to be in the backyard or garage?..maybe both?

maybe both, its not for sure yet.

This sounds fun, hope I can make it.

shit, i missed it.

missed what?

bump don’t forget to vote people!

im winnin that 3s tourney!!!

:rofl: Let’s see some love for ST!

Juuu kno!!!

get your final votes in everyone!


Whats the head count so far?

Ramsey. I think you should go ahead and announce the for sure games so people who are waitin’ for certain ones can be sure and maybe let others know to come.

1…3rd Strike obviously won the poll so that should be a definite, hopefully everybody who voted shows

2…Super turbo is getting played regardless, you know that, so that should be a definite

3…I put Guilty Gear over brawl because if we have that im pretty sure we would get some heat showin up for that.

4…i say if you’re gonna run brawl, run it on the side

Either way this tourney is gonna crack…watch the vids from the first one that Ram hosted at his spot. That shit was poppin

Is Gramps gonna cook?

I totally agree with #3+4, Soulstar.

I’d really like to get some GG in, preferably as a main game than casuals, and I’m sure we can get a good turnout if it’s there.

edited the 1st post.


Super turbo

Entry Fee: $5 each!

**NOTE: I have 6 games up here for tournaments but because of events in the past i have VERY little faith in certain games even having a tourney so i am not worried what so ever. Even if we happen to have a 6 game tourney actually happen don’t worry guys I will be well prepared.

Here is how my set up will be.

3 Gmes (ST, Brawl and 3s) will be in the garage area of my house.

3 games (Cvs2, Mvc2, and GGXX AC ) will be held in the back area like last time at my place.


If a tourney doesn’t happen for a game you are free to play casual whatever only if we need the other tv’s to help out the other games that are involved with the tourney.

So now i ask for players to please BYOS and tv’s if possible. We may not even need the tv or the console you bring but it is better to be safe then sorry.


Yo Ram,

This looks good. Just gotta say make sure that if Smash goes down that everything is unlocked. Also, that the tourney rules are set upon beforehand.

I’m no Smash pro, but I’d like to see how well I fare.

Good shit bro.

yeah thanks for the heads up. I dont even really play the game but i wanted to show some love to the smash scene but i know people around Fairfield that play so ill ask one of them to set up the rules on here for me and hopefully be the person who hosts the game themselves.

also i will be picking hosts for each individual game soon.

cvs will be ran by me of course!

I’ll try to make this if I’m able to.

Scott I am hype like your loli anime avatars from every other forum!