According to an arcade operator friend of mine (later confirmed by another source), Sega will be announcing a new 2D fighter at AOU2009 on Feb 28 - 29. The game will be another Sega/Arc Systems collaboration though, so I don’t know how much excitement this is going to generate.:rofl:

Anyway, expect an announcement at AOU for the game. I don’t think it’ll be HnK2, but you never know…

Maybe it’ll even be one of those Sega arcade games that never comes out on consoles.

2d = win.

Sega and Arcsys, LET"S DO IT!!!

i was told by someone fairly credible that hnk2 was coming out so we will c if he is right

HNK2 PLease.

Jyuza, Kaioh, Falco, and Shachi equals most entertaining game ever made.

please be HnK2!

if its HNK 2 im sold :rock:

Guilty Gear Something please.

get back, knave. y’all already have plenty of GG games and blazeblu, we need another HnK. please sega!

even when i love GG over other fg, im with monte here, we need another HNK, more broken than the actual :rock:

come on hnk2…

Sonic Fighters. . Super Speed

Jet Set Radio FIghting

Eternal Champions!

In a perfect world…:sad:

That would be the best game ever.

It’ll be GG2X. It’s about how Ky keeps trying to save his wife but she’s ALWAYS IN ANOTHER CASTLE! :confused:

Seriously first in september Daisuke says “there will be more 2D GG in the future” followed recently by “Its in Sega’s hands now,” such words can’t be mutually exclusive if this happens.

It’ll have GOLD-TOKI, who will have a scoops infinite.

It better be HnK2!!!

That way they will see what made HnK1 so broken and nerf Toki’s Teleport!

I think we’re about due for another Guilty Gear. But I’m also fine with whatever.

Ah, fuck it, who cares.



Let’s go S-tier Pots!!

But jokes set aside I would love to get another HnK. Please do something right SEGA and give us HnK2 with ArcSys!