Random 3s Question

I know alot about the frame data in this game, but when it comes to range in pixels I don’t have a fucken clue. So I’m at work thinking these 2 questions:

Which 1 frame (startup) super cover the most distance on the first frame?

Dudley SA1
Dudley SA3
Elena SA1
Elena SA2
Hugo SA1
Gouki SA2
Ken SA1
Makoto SA1
Remy SA2
Ryu SA2
Sean SA2
Urien SA1
Urien SA2
Yang SA2
Yun SA1

Which 4 frame (startup) super covers the most distance on the first frame (of the attack box opening… on the 4th frame)?

Hugo SA3
Gouki SA1
Necro SA3
Ryu SA1
Twelve SA1

Oviously this is Ibuki SA3 (Frc) but, it does hit the very front of her, so thats why I left it out.

those arent all even 1 frame startup supers.

Yes they are :xeye:

Why the fuck do you guys keep arguing with me.
Capture that shit at 60 frames a sec and see for your self fuck!

Just because the first frame doesn’t hit as far as Ken’s SA3’s second frame doesn’t mean there not 1 framers. At point blank range, all of those supers are 1 framers

No, you’re wrong, they’re not all 1 frame, you’re either counting from the wrong point or just misunderstanding what a 1-frame super actually is.

ok jackass tell what isn’t.
I made my judgement on Urien SA3 (2P), because its hard to tell, but…

Elena SA1
Elena SA2
Urien SA1
Urien SA2
Yang SA2

These 5 might not seem like they are, but at point blank they are.

FUCK, I’m going to have to make another video?

My frame data knowledge sucks and mostly comes from the strat guide. According to which the following are 1 frame start-up supers:

Akuma SA2 & Shungokusatsu
Chun Li SA1
Dudley SA1 & SA3
Elena SA1 & SA2
Huga SA1
Ibuki SA2 (throw)
Ken SA1
Makoto SA1
Remy SA2 & SA3
Ryu SA2
Sean SA2
Urien SA1, SA2, & EX SA3
Yang SA2
Yun SA1 & SA3

Yun SA3 isn’t a 1 framer, and I forgot about the Shungokusatsu.

You got all that out of the strat guide? Thats fucked up! Screw this shit, I’m going to EB tonight.
Does it have pixel range too?

It has start up, blocked advantage, hit standing advantage, hit crouching advantage among other things. Everyone should have this strat guide. Plus it comes with the damn 3s soundtrack!

As for the Genei-Jin startup i can’t really say. It says its a 1 frame startup but it could be wrong.

Maybe from exacution to activation, but not from activation to being able to actually do anything.
And I asumme it doesn’t have pixel range…

The SFAC guide is great but I’ve heard something about typos in it so you should not totally trust the numbers in that guide. You might want to go to this site just to double check:


Switch chunli to whatever character you’re looking for.

The thing is, alot of Karathrows stuff is wrong to, because the testing was done on the Dreamcast console version, which isn’t arcade perfect. They say Chun-Li’s SA2 is a 4 framer but its a 3, and they say Ken’s SA3 is a 3 framer but its a 2…

Yeah, sorry no pixel ramge info. But yeah there some glaring typos such as switched move descriptions etc but most of it is spot on.

Random fact from strat guide:
Oro and Ibuki’s airthrows are 6 frame startup. Chun li’s is only 2.

some nigga stole my strat guide

Fasty: Chun’s air throw has 5 frames of startup.

dudley’s sa3 covers alot of distance on startup, so does elena’s brave dance

good to know.

i’ll mention this again…

the data on karathrow comes from the 3S bible. unfortunately, the bible covers the DC version of the game, which has shifts in number of frames. almost every move in the DC version has the same NUMBER of frames as the arcade(PS2/XBOX); however, there is a SHIFT in the frames. the moves in the DC USUALLY has 1 ADDITIONAL frame of startup, and compensates by having less frames in either the hit frame or the recovery frame. this is why many things differ on the DC, such as links and dudley’s MGB combos…

therefore, it’s usually a good rule of thumb to reduce the move (at least when supers are converned) by 1 frame to get the actual arcade/ps2/xbox frame info.

Alex SA3 is like a 10 framer!!! PWNT.

Damn it. Stop with this “1 frame super” crap. What does that even mean? Please use lingo like “super with 1 frame startup” or “hits on 1st frame.” I know it’s longer to type but it’s much clearer.

I’m gonna get to the bottom of this shit right now. Be back in 5 minutes. Actually, might take longer, I’m going to fix a ps2 just to test this.

Alright, got everything setup and my first test has produced some evidence you guys can work with. Ken’s SA1 is faster than his SA3. Close standing strong (on standing opponent) links into SA1 but not SA3.