"Random" Activations


Ok, im prettty drunk right now so this might not make complete sense.

Random activations… in some aspects can be pretty bad. But in other situations can be very benificial. Random activations are not completely random. Common situations are when you are at 0 frame advantage (or close to it) because of either a blocked move, something like air block, or a jump in attack (errr… i guess they are all blocked moves) and also through difficult poke strings. Activations in this case are based on probability and prediction.

Now, you may get hit out of your random activation (which is why random activations are much better when they dont have meter) or you may force them to block, or even if you are lucky get a combo. IMO, the most benificial part of random activations, is the psychological value. Lots of situations occur during a game, where if you random activate you can get a huge advantage (assuming the other person is not waiting for it)… in this respect, the actual thread of the random activation gives you an advantage, because the opponent is more cautious about sticking out a poke, or trying to punish in an ambiguous situation.

So, random activations, although the actual act of activating may not help you out, the threat of random activations helps a lot.

This is my drunken concept.


random activations are a pimp strat just like roll super :lol:


The only good kind of random activation I can really see is Sakura’s…
Plus, dp em right out :smiley:


I agree.

It’s only really worth the psychological value.


You could “random” activate, and if you notice your opponent hasn’t stuck out an attack, try to throw him unless you have a good guard crush sequence. This could be especially useful if you just need the throw to kill him off.


You can random activate against some of the people all of the time… and all of the people some of the time… But you can’t random activate against all of the people all of the time.
— A-Lincoln


Gwai knows this well, but 1p at our arcade causes some interesting random activations. Personally, I’ve noticed that most people will block for the 1st second after the activation then try to knock you out of it. That pause is enough to start sakura’s cc, or hop with yun and command grab.

But then you have people like Ran-a-ku in P groove that will sit there and parry the first few hits of the shoshosho. Just when you think he’s gonna miss the next parry, FIERCE PUNCH. Only way I’m gonna land a cc on him is to start it while he is in guardstun. That is no longer a random activation.


Hey Random activation whoops ass!!! Espicially with Bison…
The oppenent is gonna expect one of the two regular setups but you can always just activate throw out a load of D.mp trip then do what ever u need to do to get them to the corner…
The great thing it fits in really well with Bisons rush down.if you have them on a mindset that ur gonna throw them after a jab ur can just activate and u get ur CC. This then will put even more fear into ur oppenent so the next time you have a full meter ur got three choices and one of them is very unpredictable…This litte random activation has worked on some real seasoned people ive played beacuse i think in high rank play nobody really Randomly activates…but if im wrong some one please correct me!!!:smiley: :smiley:


Just bait the activation.