Random Ass RGV Tournament

Yeah exactly as the title states this tournament was fuckin random. We had a hell of a lot of people in one area so we were like fuck it TOURNY!!! Lol. Anyway here the results of what went down.

Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition

1st James Brenner “Jive Turkey Jones” - (GF ST DeeJay) (WF CE Ken, HF Ryu, ST DeeJay)
2nd Julian Lumbreras “Adarksilhouette” - (CE Guile)
3rd James Garcia 'Demon_Jim" - (CE Dictator)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st Luiz Martinez “Luiz” - Magneto/Cable/Sentinal
2nd Daniel Sendejas “Shizuma_15” - Sentinal/Cable/Cyclops, Sentinal/Cable/Commando, Cable/Storm/Cammy
3rd Julio Hernandez “Hamm” - Magneto/IronMan/Sentinal

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st James Brenner “Jive Turkey Jones” - A Kyo/Cammy/R2Sagat
2nd J.D - N Akuma/ChunLi/R2Sagat
3rd James Garcia “Demon_Jim” - K Guile/Blanka/R2Vega

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

1st James Brenner “Jive Turkey Jones” - Bryan, Baek
2nd Mark Guerra - Law, Steve, Lili
3rd James “Fro” - King, Feng

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (Cancelled due to time issues)


  1. WF, LF, and GF of CVS2 (LF coming down to the wire every match with a double K.O., GF with a sweet comeback by J.D with a half bar Sagat against a half bar Cammy and Full bar Sagat)
  2. Big_Beef eliminating Shizuma_15 with a R4 Sagat against a K Hibiki/Cammy/R2Sagat :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  3. Noa and Monkeyspank in MVC2 coming down to a commando vs commando
  4. SFAE LF with Adarksilhouette vs Demon Jim coming down to the wire on the last match on the last round
  5. Hamm getting a DOUBLE PERFECT to eliminate Shizuma_15 in SFAE with BLANKA!!! (EDIT: this was before I had to renew the bracket due to it being made wrong)
  6. Jive Turkey Jones (Urien) vs J.D (Alex/ChunLi/Ken/Yun) in 3S since it got cancelled. They played a first to 5 with J.D winning 5-3

Good shit to everybody that showed up. We gotta do this again sometime. Fucking random tournaments popping up everywhere.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Shizuma got his pride taken from him… anally. Rape.

Good stuff. I had a fun time. Julian, your CE Guile is very strong. Almost had me crap my pants during those winners finals.

I wasn’t expecting that many fucking people to show up to this casual gathering. Random ass tournament. :tup:

Jive Out!

Get some :tup:

Oh yeah this tourney was so random

I entered 4 games :rofl:

Damm, it was sooooo weird to play 3s right after CvS2 finals,
I said to myself, nah fuck it, I cant play Yun, I kept trying to make small jumps :rofl:
and I remember trying to hit cr jab jab to cr strong with Chun

My Alex, Ken and Chun Got Owned :rofl:

So I tought, aaaam, Ok I guess I just need it :rofl:
Picks Yun :slight_smile:

anyway, Il be rippin the matches from BATB for the video Im working on, we’ll see what happens

No kidding. Our first two matches were horrible. As soon as the CVS2 finals were done between me and you, with in 2 minutes, we were playing 3S. I tried to roll and go the throw animation. My favorite was when I tried to activate the CC and got kicked in the face for taunting. :rofl: We shook it off pretty quick after that. Good matches JD.

Jive Out!

Haha yeah all the matches were pretty hyped. Haha too bad i suck in cvs2! MORE AE PLZ!

Naaaaah I have a better one :rofl:

I remember the first match when I played Alex you made a jump in and I thought “Oh Im gonna parry” and then "Wait, WTF, theres no parry here, Ill block"
and then “Ohhhh shit, it IS third strike, fuck, Im gonna get thrown”

…J.D Techs with the fierce button…

Thats gotta suck :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The CvS2 tournament was pretty good, I liked it, been playing only for like 3 weeks but I think Im doing ok, I just need more experience against Cammy.

wtf where mah cable storm cammy…it actually won a round…:sad: