Random attacks coming out w/o pressing any buttons

Well, this is probably going to throw a nice little wrench into the works of the online community, and give the cry babies something all new to exploit and claim as the reason they can’t compete, but here it is. Last night, playing some a2 aganist mooz (always gg’s), and I can’t land shite. I’m getting prioritized on every single move, getting no combos, and my gameplay is just way too off. I figured, hey my game wasn’t up to par on this particular night, he’s having a better night than me, etc. etc. (not making excuses, but some nights you play better, some nights you don’t…), but then I notice what appears to be random punches coming out, when I’m not using punch buttons at all. I figure, that’s nothing out of the ordinary, cuz sometimes I’ll hit a kick and a punch will come out, or vice versa (what is commonly referred to as “ghosting” among the MAME community…and could easily be attributed to my stick), but then I realize it’s happening when I’m not pressing any buttons at all. So, I go into crouch block, with right hand nowhere near any buttons (mooz on the other side of the screen) and what do ya know, but random jabs and strongs are coming out. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it definitely doesn’t happen every time (in fact most games I would say it does not), but it does happen from time to time. This was in MAME32k 0.64, but my buddy was complaining about it last week when we were playing on my MAME cabinet (which is running MAME 0.99). You guys ever noticed this?

This seems to only happen in Emulinker servers. Sometimes my controls get out of sync, and hitting backwards for example, makes my character jump and punch, or if I’m neutral they just keep moving forward…it really makes no sense, and not many people know about this, so when you tell the opponent that, they think you’re making excuses for playing the way you are. I don’t understand the cause of this…

Good, I’m not crazy (at least not completely)…thanks for confirm, Emil. :slight_smile:

It’s called ghosting.
Nothing new really.

yeah it happens to me sometimes…
but some reason… I swear to god it helps me in deep situations.
it does the move I dont want to… but that move ends up killing or counter or stuffing my opponent…

I had so many close battles and that seemed to save my life.

People have complained to me about this happening frequently on EmuLinker servers, but I honestly have never seen it and can’t replicate it. It only seems to happen to certain people, so I suspect it has something to do with their keyboard or joystick.

If somebody has a way to make this happen consistently, let me know and I can setup a server in debug mode and try to track down the cause.

It’s happened to me on several occasions too.

It can’t be a MAME problem because it occurs in Kawaks too so it must be something wrong with Kaillera. Or the slow internet.

When anti3D was set to excellent only and very busy, it happened alot more often.

it only happens on the emulinker servers.

i never liked that thing…

im sure it only happens with my kb… becuz when I notice this happens Im accidently hitting 2 buttons at a time or sumthin…

or I think my fingers mite be hitting it by accident… but it rarely happens…

yea its definitely happened to me before, but im not sure if its due to a specific server or something else. sometimes i think its autofire cause i remember it happenin when i play auto users and they began to spam hits like crazy and somehow itll cause me to throw out a random punch or kick while i wasnt pressing any buttons

It has nothing to do with autofire. I don’t know what it is though.
It happens more often than you’d think. I was fighting a sagat player, and everytime he did a tiger knee, my character would stop low blocking. It was very annoying.