Random Battle Mode and Dramatic Battle Mode Codes


I have not been able to get the random battle mode code and the dramatic battle mode code to work in A2. The Alpha Anthology book says on pg. 52 “Select Dramatic Battle mode while holding square, x and R2 buttons.” to get Dramatic Battle mode. I have tried this numerous times but I have not noticed anything different about the Dramatic Battle Mode. Is this code correct? What exactly is this new mode? Also, for Random Battle Mode, the book says “Select Versus mode while holding the square, x, and R2 buttons.” The guide from Gamefaq.com says “When selecting Versus Mode, select the mode and IMMEDIATELY press and hold R2 and TRIANGLE.” I tried both methods but couldn’t get either on to work. Which is correct?



Both are correct. The easiest way I’ve found is to hold X, O + R2 on the press start screen, then using start to select what mode you want. It doesn’t make a difference though, both work.


I just tried what you said and couldn’t get it to work. Maybe I did the code correctly but just thought I was in the normal versus mode. How do you know if you are in the “battle mode”? Also you said " X, O, R2", the book says “square, X, R2” and the FAQ says “triangle, R2”. Do all 3 work? Also, were you able to the “Dramatic Mode” to work? What is this mode? It is strange that I can’t get these 2 codes to work b/c I had no problem with last boss code and alternate surival mode code.



Oh, sorry. Hold X, triangle and R2. Then use the method I discribed… You’ll know you’re in random battle mode because a fight will begin with no character select appearing.


Thank you, that is the correct code. The book has “X, square, R2” which does not work and the FAQ has “triangle, R2” which does not work either. Also, the book misprinted the alternate surival paths. they have hold R1 or R2 but it should be hold L1 or L2. I was just experimenting a little bit and I figure out the correct Dramatic Battle Mode. The correct code is select Dramatic Battle Mode while holding x, triangle, and R2. This is the same code as the random battle mode. The book says “x, square, R2”. This is actually a surival dramatic battle mode, you fight every character in the game, its only one round and you gain energy back based on how well you’ve done. The book has 3 out 4 codes wrong, not good. But I do realize that the authors were not given much help from Capcom and they had a tight deadline. Thank you again and hope you enjoy the dramatic battle mode code if you haven’t tried it.


Thanks guys for help. I too was wondering about this. I checked the FAQ and used the hold R2 method, but that didn’t seem to work…