Random character sketch


Came up with a half assed darkstalker/soul calibur type character awhile back. Just thought I’d share


Mad sweet style, dude.


pretty cool. you gonna ink & colour it?


that’s the plan, as soon as I have some time off from other projects. :tup:


I like the distinctive ingenuity. Looking forward to seeing it in color as well as some of your other pics.


I like it. The textures look good, and her face has a good shape to it. Personally, I’d give her a spear instead of a giant sword, but that’s just because I think that the spear is underappreciated.

The hood part really makes her stand out, I feel.


Nice pic, looks very interesting…


Drew this when I realized I haven’t drawn a cowboy in awhile. Hiyo, silverware!


That one looks excellent also. You really have impressive work here…


Fairly quick inked picture of some grabby robot.