Random Combo vid

i made a quick combo vid of rumble fish and bloody roar4 just want some opinions if i should do a more serious combo vid of these games



i nkow shit about those games and the difficulty of the combos but i have some comments…and that’s maybe you should have quicker cuts so that you don’t have video of the people standing around as much, that’s just what i think…some of the bloody roar shit was cool but most importantly what is that name of that fucking song i need that son

I’m in the same boat, I haven’t got a clue if what I’m watching is good or not because I’ve never played either game before. I can only assume that they’re good because A) I know the player and B) He’s an execution beast. In future the editing should be a lot tighter though, I’d be happy to help edit the next time around Darin.

thanks justin and pimpc the name of the song was my bad by fat joe and part y arty

I think a lot of those Rumble Fish combos could’ve been recovered from. Did you put recovery on in training mode? Still, anything Rumble Fish is good.

ya some of them can be broken out of i just rushed through most of the combos goin for style but im gonna be workin on a second one. but either way if you recover out of some of them you can get setup for an infinite juggle

awww damn theres a infinite combo in rumble fish? that would really suck
also coo vid don’t know shit about either games but i am interested in rumble fish.

is rumble fish as slow as it looks? The bloody roar combos looked ok, but still cant see passed rumble fish.

No, there aren’t infinites. He meant if the opponent didn’t air recover. A lot of those combos didn’t have the opponent recover, which is quite easy. The game isn’t broken by any standards. Even though it isn’t perfectly balanced, every character can compete. It’s good to see some Rumble Fish support. :tup: Come over to the ‘Other Games’ forum and we have our own thread for strats, combos, match videos…etc.

I really can’t understand why people get so bent out of shape over the speed of the Rumble Fish… :confused: It really isn’t that slow. If it disturbs you so much, the game is more sped up and mobile in The Rumble Fish 2.

Hmmm. Great editing. I never played Rumble Fish, but a lot of your Bloody Roar stuff was air tech-able. Looked good though. I have a Bloody Roar vid here with un-techable, simple and short-yet-damaging Beast Drive setups and combos. Video quality sucks though. Sorry bout that.

The Jenny and Bakuryu combos were nice. The animation in the beginning, what is that from?

damn son take the fanboyism rod out of your ass. I simply asked if it was slow like that or maybe the setting could be changed.

You, my friend are a liar, Orville is the worst grappler EVER, in a game based on rushdown. He does NOT have any of the tools required to win(chain combos, mixups, throw pressure), and half of the cast can c.LP their way to victory.

I was excited for a sec until I realised that I would never be able to play Rumble Fish. Cool stuff though.

what series was that anime from??

The vid was dope, the only bad thing about it was the music.

cant you just defend? i think ive seen something like that, well it looked like a just defend.

if you can just defend wouldn’t orville be super good against rushdown?

What you’re talking about Celph is Impact Break. And it’s good, but it costs meter, which has to be built up by defending.

hmn… Nice vid.

I had half the mind to remix it… but I figured that would be disrespectful. (Still if people say I should I will >.< Since I feel like making something but am actually too lazy to be original.)

rhio2k what version of bloody roar was that and what system

and the anime was ninja girl jyubei chan season2

and obot no disrespect but do your own vid from scratch