Random Crap sale (DVDs, LDs, and crap coming out of my ass)

  • Paypal only.
  • Prices don’t include shipping.
  • International buyers welcome.
  • All items are in very good condition.
  • Pictures if requested.

Anime DVDs:

Vampire Princess Miyu vol 1: $5
Vampire Princess Miyu vol 2: $5
5 Centimeter Per Second (ADV Films pressing plus ADV Dub, out of print and hard to find): $40
Toward the Terra (The movie): $10
Karas Complete Collection: $15
Giant Robo Complete DVD collection: $15


Criterion Collection Videodrome: $20
Blade Runner Ultimate Collectors Edition (the briefcase, all complete and in great condition): $50


Oh! My Godness Vol 1 (sub): $10
Oh! My Godness Vol 2 (sub): $10
Blue Sonnet Vol 1 (sub): $15
Blue Sonnet Vol 2 (sub): $15

PCBs (all legit):

Aero Fighters: $40

And that’s it for now, there might be more random shit in the future.



Yes Laserdisc. :wink:

Laserdiscs were actually very popular in Asian markets. They even still made players until very recently.

And now with PCBs.