Random CVS2 Results for 3/25

Single elim tourney at FFA was beasting. 16 man tourney, no vids so no stealing techniques =P

1st: Jason ‘Afro’ Cole K Sagat,blanka Cammy (2)
2nd: Warren ‘Evil Elvis’ A Ken,Sagat, Sak (2)
3rd: Hail and Kill A Bison,Sak,Blanka (2)

Thats all, we will try to get another CVS2 tourney going sometime soon.


ps: Ricky got OWNED in this tourney…G is for GHETTO!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :looney:

Haha fun tourney, too bad all the TOP players fucking forfeitted. Hahahaha. Next time! PSM! ill get you guys next time. Warren I had you!!!..jk

nah my nigga G’s for Gaylord


g is for godamn you’re so fuckin clever

good shit to cole for winning with K

AFROCOLE! you are too nice with blocking my uppercuts every 5 seconds during out match. =] come to psm too.


Ill be at PSM tourney for sure, should be a good turn out.

Anyone going to the MGL and SJSU tourney on april 14/15th?