Random doom rocks



get full screen call doom and whenever he sends them out towards the opponent, you’ll see that they have a random pattern to them. You should do it like 3-4 times to actually notice it. Is there a way to create a set pattern all the time for the rocks?


Unfortunately, no. The MShield has a built-in random seed and the rocks NEVER go the same direction often…nor the number ov rocks and their size (notice that sometimes a huge cluster ov rocks are thrown forward…other times like 2 small ass pebbles).


I’ve never heard a way to make the rocks consistent, but there are combos that will work no matter how they fly out- mostly ones that involve hitting the opponent at the start, before the rocks start flying.


i will never use the rock in a match…unless that person is ass


Best use ov rocks in-match would be rush-in tj.LKx2, c.LKx2 + drones, s.RK 1-Hit xx rocks…the opponent should be at full screen and still blocking when it’s said and done (or if the rocks are inconsistent and screw you over)…obviously don’t pull this on Cable…

Why is this being discussed here…go to the other thread lmao…later guys…

At TS:
The rocks are also good for multi-hit flying screen juggles…for example Storm/Doom:

tj.RK, s.LPx2 + Doom, s.RK, /, sj.LK, LP, LK, FP…into rocks, float.RK (into more rocks), LAxxLS…

The end depends on how the rocks come out, I’ve gotten 4 air RK’s into rocks before I LAxxLS’d…

Still don’t know how, but Sanford has also gotten Hail to combo off-screen out ov the above setup…dammit Kells…


aint no way in hell im using them rocks…youll get smoked like one