Random doujin fighter sprite rips

share please

i have to rerip anonym and kanae picked the wrong stage and didnt realize until i uploaded them lol.

Very nice. Contributing to your thread.




i couldnt resize agito properly

These are cool. It would be nice to know which games they’re from though…

Big Bang Beat & Subtle-Style Akatsuki (or Akatsuki Blitzkampf).

Agito looks butchered, lol.

yeah i didnt rip it the correct way, problem is that bbb has that zooming nonsense. But i got a tip from shade im going to try out.

Moar Kunagi & Marilyn.

I managed to get a sprite of Kunagi…


I’m working on getting more rips of kunagi and it should be done by a week or so.


@A@ …

Plz, how do you manage to rip sprites from Akatsuki Blitzkampf ?

I couldve sworn that someone realesed a rip of all the big bang beat sprites somewhere…

animget and training mode then i cleaned them

Hmm…interesting…is there any way to turn off the background layer ??? Animget is that program designed to take screenshots every 10 miliseconds ?


No way to turn it off sorry