Random Evil Ryu question

Yea evil ryus tight, im wondering if the newly found same character glitch found in cvs2, would be able to let u pick evil ryu in the arcade. im sure the answer is no, but yea, i havent exactly looked or anything. THINK ABOUT THAT


that glitch pools from all the other chars…E.ryu isnt on the char diamond so its impossible

good wishful thikning though:D

Where the hell is the big E. Ryu thread?

can someone help me with the shungokusatsu move? it says LP,LP,F,LK,HP but I spent an hour and couldnt do it once… help the pathetic newb plz

LP,LP,F,LK,HP but I spent an hour and couldnt do it once… help the pathetic newb plz

Dude, just press it fast. Its not that hard… Well, i’m not an E.Ryu fan, i like to practical with characters i can use in the arcade, but from time to time, i do pick him. If you are playing at home, most people don’t know that his level 3, hcb hcb k is delayed and unblockable. I used it twice and connected twice. I like it, too bad he isn’t in the arcade. Personally, i would just pick Akuma because his raging demon is stronger, more combo friendly, and is phyically stronger and i believe they both have the same hp anyways.

Hmmm…, E.ryu can be used for online play for the xbox though i think so perhaps there will be more threads on him later on, although i don’t see a reason. With the exception of the raging demon, the delayed level 3 super projectile and a teleport and less hp, there isn’t much of a difference between him and regular ryu.

Evil Ryu is similar to Akuma except he doesn’t take damage like a little bitch. I use him all the time. Once I get my execution down, he’s going to be fairly dangerous.

Evil Ryu does rule, his metsu-superfireball OWNS against blocking opponents…:cool: :wink:

Take your time with the motion, don’t rush but be fluid.

Go to training mode and turn on the display option, your inputs (white arrows) will appear on the left side of the screen and you’ll see where you’re doing the motion wrong at to correct it. :smiley:

When I was a newb trying to do this move, I would do 3 buttons at a time in order. Then I would REMIND myself this is a LEVEL 3 move, ok?

ermz… how can i choose e.ryu or shin akuma in arcade?
I mean those machine in arcade… not ps2 arcade mode…

Shin Gouki and Evil Ryu aren’t in the arcade, they’re only in the home versions.

P.S. - One thing I do with Evil Ryu/Shin Gouki/(Normal) Gouki is Double Jump towards my opponent and when my character starts to descend, I’ll do a Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku [Hurricane Kick] and as soon as my character lands, do a Shoryuken, or a Messatsu Gou Shoryu. It does pretty good damage and is good for confusion. :smiley:

Have you even tested that? Evil Ryu takes extra damage too. Try doing a super against normal Ryu, and then do the same super against Evil Ryu and compare the damages.

RugalsMisingEye: um, why don’t you just do c. lk xx qcb+lk f, d, df+hp to do that combo? There’s much better attacks those characters can do in the air. If you land a j. fp (which is much easier than a j. qcb+lk on the way down), you can then do a c. mk xx qcb+lk f, d, df+fp. Same combo, two extra hits.

P Groove Shin Akuma’s j. QCF+fp c. mk xx QCB+lk f, d, df+fp xx HCB HCB+k is the highest-damage combo with Shin Akuma that I can find. Still, Shin Akuma = bad. If you sneeze on him, I’d bet it’d kill him. He just takes way too much damage to be useful in serious play. I chose him once online, and that was when I destroyed my opponent the first time. I barely won that fight… just love the reversals.

Now, about Evil Ryu (which is what this thread is about)…

Evil Ryu takes extra damage as a selectable character. Evil Ryu is similar to both Akuma and normal Ryu, but different enough to be played differently. Evil Ryu has essentially the same moves as standard Ryu, but with different properties. He also has one of Akuma’s supers.

I just feel that Evil Ryu’s weaker than Akuma because he lacks some of the moves and move properties that make Akuma a good character. Akuma’s Gouhadouken knocks down up-close, and only Evil Ryu’s Shakunetsu Hadouken (which is slower than the Gouhadouken) knocks down up-close. Akuma also has Hyakkishu and all of the options stemming from it, providing a great wake-up and mix-up game, as well as giving frame advantage to Akuma by using the punch option. Evil Ryu just doesn’t have the pressure game that Akuma does.

I think the problem is that Evil Ryu just isn’t as versatile as Akuma. The only thing that he has that Akuma doesn’t is the Metsu Hadouken, and do you know how hard that is to land on a decent opponent? You’d need to set it up perfectly, and have it where they get up and eat it on wake-up.

Anyways, if you want the Shun Goku Satsu to be useful in fights, practice until you can do it with only the first two punches coming out. An even better way to make it useful is to learn to buffer it from various moves, and that is very hard to get the timing just right.

good tips man

Oh man, some terrible E. Ryu tips here.

If punches still come out when you do the raging demon, you’re in trouble. The key is to HIDE the punches. Watch Mopreme’s CvS2 Raging Demon vid to get the idea.

There’s really only a few things you need to know about E. Ryu (stuff that I have discovered since playing him for fun on XBL)

BnB combo is cross foward, c. short, c. jab, c. roundhouse, RH hurricane kick. It does a bullshit amount of damage and puts you in the perfect position to cross over and do it again. If it’s not comboing, you should cancel c. RH into fireball. Always combo into hurricane kick from RH, because E. Ryu’s hurricane kick doesn’t have the same low hitting properties as Akuma.

One big difference between E. Ryu and Akuma is that E. Ryu has a near instant recovery ground fireball. I’m not certain, but it seems to be almost as fast as Guile’s Sonic Boom (I’ll probably test that out). That fireball is too good.

EDIT: Tested it against Guile. Guile’s is still better, but not by very much.

JChensor should post here…I would really like to learn more E. Ryu tips from him.

I know that hiding it is better, it’s just that I’m an Akuma player who is learning Evil Ryu, and I just haven’t figured out some effective ways to hide it with Evil Ryu yet. I’ll have to check that vid out.

yes i am cocky… sorry

just need to tell all you guys that the team of Ken, Ryu, and Akuma, is the team to get… evil ryu is just a cheap character and if you can play with regular ryu then you can easily master evil ryu. ken is quick and unpredictable(at least when i use him), and Akuma is the most well-balanced fighter in the game(if you are a very defensive player). maybe i can show you guys in an upcoming tourney or somethin… bye

akuma has some nice stuff, but common. He takes damage like a bitch, just one or two screw ups and youre done for. I don’t like playing characters that take heavy damge, or maybe I just need to get hit less lol. Anyway, I haven’t seen any akumas that are outstanding.

I kinda played the hell out of E.Ryu when CvS2 came out and got pretty decent with him. So here’s my 3-cents:

-The fireball is fast as hell.

-I play him in N-groove so I can throw the delay super fireball and then combo there dizzy ass into another super. PAIN!

-Evil ryu is a little hoe when it comes to damage. More so than Akuma even.

-I may be remembering wrong but it seems like Akumas Raging demon does like 17 hits, E.Ryu’s does 21, and Shin’s does like 33!
don’t know the signifigance of this but…anyhow

-I’m sure I’ll catch hell from some of you, but I’m gonna say it anyway: If you get REALLY good at the Raging demon motion and can just pull it out of your ass whenever you want you can use it as an anti air! Akuma can do it too. Just wait until the last second before their jump-in attack hits you and then hit the demon. The invincibility frames cover your ass and you grab them as they hit the ground! Guaranteed crowd pleaser!

-He has two different hurricane kicks. one arcs in the air and one stays flat. one is a QCB and ones HCB.

-You can do some crazy combos by tiger kneeing the flat lk hurricane kick.

Try this: cross up MK, cr. lp, cr.lk, cr.rh, lk hurricane, tiger knee flat hurricane. Standard combo but at the end he hurricanes away for the last hit. Kinda fun, and humiliating for the opponent!

E.Ryu is fun but not feesible at upper level play.
My 3-cents take it or leave it.

Evil Ryu…

is not cheap, has decent health (10500HP - I know what im talkin about,) and is awesome!

If your dyin’ with him then your just plain crap.

I’ve been a long term akuma fan and I like akuma better, but evil ryu has 3 great advantages.

  1. His fireball is fast as hell
  2. His hcb,hcb+k is the BOMB! - if you know how to use it…
  3. and his moves do more damage than akuma’s

The thing is, you know how moves get weaker the more you use em’ right? Well evil ryu’s moves do more damage at the start but are weaker over time. If you vary your moves you wont be pennalised and so you’ll be doing more damage overall.

SUPER-SHINKU-HADOUKEN! Importantly you need to know this to use evil ryu well. You should be good at your throws so you can easily land them; so what you do is approach, grab, throw towards middle of level*, as soon as YOUR throw animation ceases do the SSH. Hell begin to charge up as they are still falling. It will then finish charging and go across the level then connect. They can’t stop it! The only thing they have enough time to do is block (no time to jump) and it’s unblockable so they eat it anyway. Then they’re dizzy so you land a combo (and a lvl one super if in N-Groove). You can basically get them for 8000-10000 HP right from the opening throw.

So if you you know how to throw properly then this should be easy as hell for you.

Makes for one great opening and/or finish!

*The reason to throw towards the middle of the level is cause if you throw them into the wall then the hadouken goes past before they get up.

Any q’s or problem’s message me.

Come on dude, you may be able to catch someone ONCE with that trick, but who’s NOT gonna safe fall or delayed getup the next throw? It doesn’t seem too practical a strat to me…

I already thought of that, if you’re good at timing it they’re screwed - it cant be safe falled if you time it properly.

And the point was not to inform you off a combo you can just abuse to win the game, it was to just to prove that Evil Ryu has some good shit. His moves are powerful, have HIGH priority, nad has variation (despite what people seem to think.)

Evil Ryu just takes a lot moere skill and practice than people are seeming to want to put in. He’s not meant to be better than akuma or ryu, he’s meant to be different - and he is.

And btw, if that combo hits only once then you got your money’s worth. I got almost 14,000 of it in K groove.

P.S. For any serious Evil Ryu players post your strats n stuff on the new Evil Ryu forum. Let’s see if we can’t make somthin out of this guy and prove toi all the others that he’s not only decent, but downright scary.