Random Fights

Alright, this is a random thing we do over here, mainly myself and lawrence, and we thought it would be good if everyone else joined in on it… Just to have somethin to do. Your fights can be pretty much anything just don’t let it be to stupid… examples of random fights are

The Dudes from contra vs the guys from double dragon

Ninja Turtles vs G.I. Joe

Martha Stewart vs Jay Leno

Garfield VS Heathcliff " thx mandel "

Dancing vs white people

Stiltman vs Samb

Zach vs Tron

Jetay vs Super Joe

Random stuff like that. Come up with what you got, or comment on the ones  i got. Just do it cuz im the homie!!!!:clap:

If it was for fun, it’d have to be Cody vs anybody, because I think Cody is inherently amusing.
It’d be random to see what Ian would do in a fight.

I have some random snippet (part of the Texas Showdown interviews we filmed) where Chris Creecy (Magneto-X), who weighs about 30 pounds, is talking about being challenged to a fight by some buff guy.

how bout cody vs. random guy who won’t get off the marvel machine so we can start a tournament and ends up hitting cody in the face getting them both banned from silver coin forever? that would be an entertaining one…

black people vs niggah?

Black people win cuz there are 2 many niggas in jail!!!

me vs any inanimate object = fatal ko
I perfect parking meters for free.

Ian vs. OAQS

Stay away from my desk!!!

Your turn vs OAQS


Yamazaki crouching fierce.

me vs the nailgun at work?

and the nailgun won!

Sean vs. Anyone who gets a lucky streak in poker and makes top 3

Oh yea, it can get ugly.

You didn’t get shot, Did you?!?!?!? thats fucked up

Damn, dude, why you bring me into this, I don’t even live here anymore? Does Eric Foley have to choke a bitch? :sweat:

         LOL, Dicklick got called a bitch:rofl: :lol: ITs not that serious stilty, i even put my myself in there and those were just purposed ones.

Oh, I know, I’m just bantering for giggles. To say nothing of throwing out an inside joke. :wink:

I will give you a dollar to say that in person on camera

Ernest P. Worrell VS Pee Wee Herman

Judge Dredd VS Robocop

Get crackin’, Hollywood…