Random footsies

Ok, so I’m bored at work, here it goes…

People tend to see roundhouse and walk forward a bit to try to punish it.
EDIT: And as they walk forward they walk into the tip of the roundhouse and get hit. I believe this happens in part because if it’s similarity to a s.mk. They see it and think they are out of range and try to punish. So obviously you first have to let them know you might wiff a s.mk at some point before this. Or alternatively use it when you are just out of s.mk range and just at the tip of s.roundhouse range. (this leads into the rest of my post… probably rephrasing some of what i wrote after)

I use it in combination with s.mp/s.mk… since it has a bit more range when walking back and forth using these moves people sometimes are not blocking when roundhouse comes out.

Further than his s.roundhouse i sometimes use his c.roundhouse. Now I realize that this isnt the safest move. For me it’s the same concept of random activation. The fact that you might do this move adds a crippling effect (however small) to your game play. Also, if you watch what the other person is doing at this range it’s usually crouching, and then walking forward to get closer. Watching their patterns I find you can increase your chance (and that’s what it is, a chance) of hitting them.

I hardly see random d.HK’s.

Whenever I see that move used, it’s following a knockdown, like after a b&b with scissor kicks, to nail safe falls.

If they don’t safe fall the move either recovers before hand or just the tip hits them in the corner so you’re safe to d.LP away.

Though Bison having a one button knockdown->activate->death is definitely something that sticks on your mind.

Also I am not liking the stigma connected to the phrase "random activation…"
It’s dangerously close to saying “random super.”

When you think about it the advantages of activate->combo are not so different from that of parry->combo or jd->combo…This IS the idea behind random activates right?

His sweep is a great move, after used once you can play mind games just by tapping down, kind of like a head fake for a jump. It’s not something to use all the time, but just because it shouldnt be used all the time doesnt mean it shouldnt be used.

Random activation and random super i dont feel are comparable. Given the fast recharge of a-groove and the fact that if you get hit you still have 49% of your meter it is much more advantageous. And neither are actually completely random. You just call them that because they are not on reaction and no combod into.

The idea behind a random activation I guess is the same as parry combo or jd combo, easier timing and safer imo. But only in the situations where you are baiting something.

C.HK is good man, but learn the distance. Its hard to block on reaction, unless you are looking for it.

Ya, it’s very fast, i dont think i’ve seen people block it on reaction unless it’s like full screen. It’s also a far travelling move you can use when you dont have charge. Also at this range people tend to be walking back and forth a lot more than they are crouching… unless you are playing prez…

exactly, its hella unnexpected. but i know a guy cough mr.bean cough who jds shit on reaction even blanka slide. So becareful against K groovers and p groovers. If it blocked, it SHOULD be safe if you spaced it correctly.

either throw -> dash/walk forward -> meaty c.HK is safe and is a free custom if they get hit/fuck up reversal

Not sure this is really footsies :wtf: :lol: But what exactly is…?

But anyway… how is it a free custom?

Ya… it seems to give them that extra time to parry/jd (at certain ranges) … but also they will try to parry/jd anyway even if it’s not coming out… ie walk forward tap -> tap jd.

Edit: editing my original post… as after re-reading it i forgot to finish a thought

He’s talking about how Bison gets to activate after his sweep. Setting the sweep up with a meaty d.HK in case they safe fall or fuck up a reversal during a meaty is a good way if you train them to not reversal often.
If you hit with the last few possible hit frames of the d.HK the move is relatively safe.

Probably not really footsies so much as a setup, but yeah that slide is always something to keep an eye out for fighting Bison.

shiet… I didnt know this… is there a video of it that i can watch at work? lol

Footsies Philosophy, lol:

im making this thread as a general footsies thread (however specific with Bison’s moves), it’s my opinion that you can deal with most things in the game if you have strong footsies and i’ve been trying to work on mine over the last little while. This is much more important than learning how to PTF or RC psychocrusher etc. As if you have strong footsies when you do learn these things you will actually be able to use them. Footsies also take a much longer time to learn.

Thought that vid thread had plenty of A-Bison in the works.
Or go for broke.

I remember reading this before. Maybe they need to divide up information among characters better.

Sticky: A-Bison CC SETUPS
Sticky: A-Bison CC’s --Lol. Lock after first post.
Sticky: A-Bison Matchups
Sticky: A-Bison Generic Gameplan

Eh. Hate Bison anyway. Dunno why everyone suggests he PTF he’s real sloppy; get’s paint on everything, you yell at him for making such a mess he gets on his high horse about taking over the world and stuff. Fuck that bitch.

yeah. You do meaty c.hk, activate, c.lp, s.hp, paint. If i can, I’ll be showing a new way to activate at evo. THE HAK SPECIAL. So watch out for me at evo :wink:

While I agree with you that footsies, space control, zoning or whatever you want to call it is very important and takes a long time to learn, IMO being able to do PTF (and the somewhat simple setups) is perhaps the only saving grace that makes Bison a contender for being top tier. Still playable but you wouldn’t be seeing him at all really in top teams owning peeps and such.

PTF is definitely essential… but when people pick up bison they shouldnt be learning PTF as their main/only weapon…

that aint true foo! Bison is good, without PTF too, i think. I like his tools. 1 hit sciccors is good. he builds meter fast, and his normals are good(but lack range sometimes).

btw: Gwai lo, are you half cantonese if you’re half white man? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, technically mandarin… but ya

Paint the fence isnt necessarily gonna let you beat people… but if you’re fighting someone who’s about equal in fundamentals the game becomes trading hits until you can land your custom/level 3/level 2 cancel, and usually by the time it lands it’s whoever lands it first wins… cuz lets face it if you’re having trouble owning someone you’re going for an activation …

But i definitely think bison has a strong footsie game… rc or no. his roundhouse and s.mp have huge range for what they are. I think I disagree with you on that point.

How i play footsies is to establish some sort of ground pattern.

Starting off (against most characters) with s.mp - walking in and out of their ‘footsie starter’ or immediate threat… ie sagat s.fp or s.mk… until eventually forcing them to block an s.mp. This is also a good range because you should be able to deal with random jumps - and at this point they will most likely be random. Forcing them to block s.mk at it’s very tip also helps with landing s.roundhouses later on.

Once you have them thinking about the range of your moves, and looking for openings in these ranges (ie spiral arrow just before you get into s.mp range… not sure this is the best move for them but it’s an example) I try to switch up ranges just a little bit. If they are watching for s.mk you can catch them off guard with s.roundhouse, and if they are watching for s.mp you can catch them with s.mk etc. You can also walk in a bit closer from s.mp and get a s.short (hit or blocked) or a c.mk.

Depending on the character you’re fighting and conditions you’ll want to either get in close or constantly keep them away, but it’s more indirect. And it mostly depends on how well your opponent reads you and vice versa.

More random thoughts to come as i get bored at work… so please comment, critisize, praise or what have you… as i need something to read.

You’re half white, what do you know? jk.

Also suprise them with 1 ht sccicors because the shit is fierce…well more like short.

Yea, it’s good after a poke string… (after walking back)… def gotta mix it up though because people always seem to be waiting for this unless you show them otherwise…

EDIT: Someone post anything… work is boring…

I’ve read in other threads that people think bison’s anti air’s arent very good. I completely disagree. Anti-airs arent just i see someone jump and i can press a button to knock them out of the air, it’s about putting myself in a position that if they jump they are in an optimal spot for my anti air. This is true for any anti air, even invincible ones. This spot tends to be just out side your poking range. So if you are making people think you will poke at this range they sometimes try to anticipate the poke with an early jump…

For anti airs I use s.fierce, c.fierce, s.mp, s.roundhouse, and c.mp